In Gantsevichi area collapsed bridge

Developments were no casualties, but frightened witnesses and local residents.
One of them, Peter Guzaevsky states that the bridge began to sag, and later include:
"On one side, where the bridge is fixed, washed river sand. Dropping support. Unscrew iron structures. Already monolith concrete torn to pieces. Specialists do not know yet exactly prerequisites. Could it be that the bridge was rather weak. Through it also moved and trucks, and heavy trucks. "
Bridge over the river Lan appeared in 1974. Now the scene were leaders of the district, police, Brest Commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
And that’s what said Radio Liberty Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Mashnov representative:
"Lasts commission meeting in unavoidable situations. Currently organized urgent examination of all hydraulic structures, which are included on the balance sheet of the enterprise Hantsavichy reclamation systems."
In the village cut off from the road Pyarevalaki 44 houses, the population — more than 70 people. States of their young Catherine Mucha:
"It is clear that we have difficulties. Postmen have to do is actually seven miles round. Nobody suspected that this might happen. Immediately even ambulyatoryya does not work …"

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus, at the end of last year and This year were on destruction over 10 bridges. The largest of them — in Gomel and Vitebsk village Mosquitoes also a 30-meter bridge over the river in a whirlwind Mstislavskys area. Can not be reversed destroyed bridges near Slonim and Stolin district in Brest. Prerequisite is normally the obsolete structures.

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