In Gantsevichi independent newspaper journalists defend policeman

Veterans’ organization Hantsavichy invited to a festive meeting dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the founding journalists-independent weekly "Gantsevichi time." Correspondent sent to cover the event Il Domoratsky. She reports that came out of it:
Domaratsky: "I came to a festive celebration, but an employee of the ideological department, who was standing at the door, do not miss the event. Had to address this issue through the district Oleg Tikhon."
Ideologist Gennady Poplawski, who started the conflict, from the comments for the moment evaded. For the slave states vice-chairman Hantsavichy executive committee Lydia Zanko:
"It’s all hearsay, and is devoid of any such grounds and foundations. Uninteresting this question and uninteresting this conversation. Because I do not know how and what to say to you. "
For the fact that the district has promoted the journalist go to the event, currently suffers pressure from local officials. In turn, journalists trying to defend him, says the editor of the weekly "Gantsevichi time" Petro Guzaevsky:
"It began to pressure this district. Fully shaped as letters by law must now load and still respond to what he was, and he suffered protocols journalist pass. ‘Cause I wrote a complaint to the chairman of the executive committee of the illegal activities here spetsa ideological department. And the police — it should be checked and also asked about their own decisions. "
Commented the lawyer of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets:
"If journalists are not admitted to any event, now it is quite a common situation. Regarding this there were courts. But this situation non-standard, because normally the police were on the side of law-breakers on the media, and not journalists. There is also and ethical side: if you do not protect their rights, also people who help make it, then we do not we have such rights. "
Identified as Andrei Bastunets, Press Law allows the journalist to be on all major events. Article 49 of the law shows that the restrictions on contacts with journalists, as interference in the transmission of disk imaging is a violation of freedom of mass disk imaging . "

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