In Germany build a hypersonic plane

In Germany build a hypersonic plane 

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) develop hypersonic airliner SpaceLiner
Back in 2005 there was a project of creation of a hypersonic airliner SpaceLiner, which was approved by the European Union and the European of cosmic Agentstvom.Planiruetsya that will SpaceLiner reusable spaceship, which will be about 24 times the speed of sound. Similar liner fails in 90 minutes fly half the globe.

SpaceLiner be able to deliver 100 passengers from Europe to California in 60 minutes and 50 passengers from Australia to Europe in 90 minutes.

According to the developers Blueprint SpaceLiner, for its actual construction in Europe will need about 25 years. The creators of the concept of trust, that their hypersonic plane fails to transport passengers in 2050.

In this step, design engineers consider the enabling technologies that can be inserted into the project hypersonic aircraft, study likely options engines and flight line of motion of this spacecraft.

Among other things, engineers are working on innovatorskoy cooling system and the safety of passengers and pilots on board this extraordinary hypersonic airliner, reports

According to the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the design and shape of the aircraft SpaceLiner hitherto not identified and are in the process of development. Project needs money to support investors.

It is planned that the aircraft will be able to reach SpaceLiner speed of 24 140 km / h

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