In Grodno opened an exhibition devoted to Eliza Azheshtsy

Organized an exhibition of the Society of Grodno and the inhabitants of Vilnius to Warsaw under the auspices of the General Mission of the Republic of Poland in Grodno.
The exhibition features more than 60 photos and drawings Grodno and circles, where she worked there loved to play writer: Kolozha, brigitok monastery, Bogatyrevichi, Minavichy, Parish Church, in which she was married …

See how curiously examines exhibits guest of Mrs. Wanda Renik Warsaw, vice-chairman Company Grodno and Vilnius inhabitants in Warsaw. She was born in Grodno and lived here until 1939 street Grandichskoy, which is presently named M. bitter.
Mrs. Eliza talks about Renik Orzeszkowa:
"I always emphasize that it is necessary to read not only as a writer, and as a true lady citizen. Unfortunately, we do not know enough about her life, and while she had a good education, not feared to express their thoughts, often came under sharp criticism for their eyes. These features its very impressed. "
Mrs Wanda complements the Consul General of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Krentovsky. It says that the memory of Orzeszkowa lives in Grodno — no wonder it’s so here many people. By the way, the exhibition for 5 months was in a bathhouse, in Warsaw. Consul Krentovsky reminded action in 1886, when the writer led Relief Committee fire victims. While Grodno more loved writer for her humanity and unselfishness. It is no coincidence people in 1906 appealed to the authorities to give it an honorable title.

But guests surrounded creator photo Elzbieta Duke. She went to places Orzeszkowa not only in Grodno, and the neighborhood where the writer wrote his novels, particularly over the Niemen. I ask Mrs. Elzbieta why its so fascinated the topic?
"I came to Grodno to photograph historical monuments, but when met with the life and work of Eliza Orzeszkowa that lived here and acts just crush on her face."
Hostess showroom Silvanovich Ira recalled that room is on the street and Orzeszkowa it is very symbolic. How and what the writer wrote not only in Polish, and Belarusian. She also remembered how Grodno appreciated face Eliza Orzeszkowa:
"If she was sick and lying in his own house, which stands next to the road, Grodno stsyalili grass to the pavement, so it does not interfere with the sound of wheels and relaxed she could get better."
Noteworthy that at the opening of the exhibition there was no one from the official authorities of Grodno.

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