In Grodno until no more destroy …

One of the activists of the movement for the protection of public Grodno Ales Zalewski believes authorities try to assure Grodno that their reconstruction plan — very good. This, along As the last, shows shown on regional television broadcast on this topic.
Activists meanwhile call "to suspend liquidation of Grodno," although such labels in the center of town to come across.
This lock on the street. Urickogo 5 stripped the roof and while left alone.
Completed repair of the former vice-governor of the palace beginning of the XIX century, in which services are located Executive Committee. A few months back the fire broke out in it.
Now finished painting its facade, and an end lay brick and insulated window niche artificial slabs.
By the way, historians have criticized authorities for what stuck in the palace windows with metalaplyastyku as frames in this case must be wood.

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