In Historical workshops revealed Meeting House

Ceremony dedicated to the resurrection of Christ prazdnichkom, and therefore it will take the priests of various denominations. The main actors will be former prisoners of war, prisoners of the Minsk ghetto, guest workers — which is designed and project manager says Historical workshops Kuzma Kozak:
"About 50 people will Historical meet in workshops, they will receive social assistance. And most of them will be visiting places of residence — this wash, and feed, and go to the store. "
Social project called "provide a decent life witnesses of war." And for the first time in Belarus it will implement public organizations"History Workshop" and the German International Education Center, says the Sovereign Cossack:
"We have fought and took it stands in the foreground. For example, there comes a May 9 — please — and veterans and eyewitnesses here. And so in order to deal with them everyday life — it is very and sometimes it does not quite. But they remain these people, they be ill, they age. And this help — it personal, it is not just verbally. "
According to participants in the project, its discovery, in fact, is the newest form of real compensation that Germany holds after currency payments to the victims of fascism in Belarus. Says manager of the International Education Center Minsk Viktor Balakirev
"There is not a bad phrase that descendants guilt and responsibility held. Because they are responsible for I didtheir ancestors and help people who are in languid position. Our government is not always can assist them real. The German government is richer because they share the fact that they have to maintain these people soon their lives. "
As told project participants, a festive opening in Historic workshop attended by representatives of embassies of Germany, the Czech Republic and Israel.

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