In Krambambulya — second gold medal

Reporter: "The exhibition lively atmosphere. Sounds medieval music. I approach the billboard, which shows the company’s products" belp. "
Lady: "I’m glad for you, for your quality. Success for you. Collective in his personal life. Very badabout. "
For workers’ belp "fit and congratulate. Next talk with company co-founder Dmitry Dayneko for a drink "Krambambulya" that won a gold medal the second year in a row.
Dayneko "highest score put degustatarka from Lithuania. Why curious — a drink since the time of the Principality of stateliness. Tasters from Russia is not really like drinking. Oops, that assessment is not accidental scythes. Gene that at some level people remember such drinks such odors . "
Reporter: "What are the countries you currently working with?"
Dayneko: "I think our greatest unique drink" Krambambulya. "It was he, not ordinary vodka, vodka so do everything, in globally, and our neighbors. Our first aim to cooperate with possible huge number of shops in Belarus. After the drink became a state if its citizens know own country. And in-2, when we consider exports, are also considering first "Krambambulya."
Reporter: "What is better for a starter" Krambambulya? "The same that with vodka, there are aspects?"
Dayneko: "Apparently, it should be used not as an everyday vodka. As dessert. Already you can sit down later, a glass and … If a decent drink, it seems, it is not necessary to have a snack. Because snacks can be very different. Here imagination is boundless. "
And enterprise "belp" hopes to overcome in the design competition alcoholic products because cooperates with outstanding painters. For example, the design of the bottle "Krambambulya" Lena did Dashkevich and vodka "Hit" and gin "Chancellor" — Misha Anempadistov. Dmitry Dayneko also said that means to start producing "Krambambulya" in the charming design bottles — for prestige.
In the photo: Dmitry Dayneko
In the photo: medalists

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