In Kurapaty — new vandalism +


Broken, fallen and tilted crosses saw Vladimir Juho, which is one of the organizers of the farm and in the tract now came first.
U.Yuho "Feels that it was made knowingly"
"Today I came in and saw Kurapaty terrible things that happened a day or two in the past. I was there on Thursday and everything was normal. And now come, and saw the broken crosses — here on the avenue crosses four broken. Also on the side of the field, which put around Kurapaty. Some crosses cranky — want to break, but they were very. Felt that it was manufactured consciously, as every year there are these acts of vandalism in Kurapaty. Right now we have to work. Come for the material to return these crosses. "
Because of the strong wind with rain and snow classical cleanup This time not work. But at the appointed time, people still come to remove the most necessary. In the midst of other — Tatiana Lukyanov:
"I’m not a party man, but come here, because I do not indifferent to what is happening Kurapaty. And, of course, to keep in mind about the disaster that happened to our Belarusian people."
"Today there again fallen crosses. What do you think about this? "
"It is very sad phenomenon. I think it mattersare people who do not appreciate this place. "
Mourning rally April 26 CCP BPF will Kurapaty
As Vladimir said Juho, broken crosses and misalignment members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF reinstated in the coming days are. So it was after each act of vandalism in Kurapaty. But now also hasten action on April 26, he says.
"We are thinking about what will happen to the march anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Our party refused to march — as usual — are sent to Bangalore. Way we never walked and never go. And we think that will hold a memorial meeting in Kurapaty. I I know that in today people came here earlier to commemorate their loved ones who died after the Chernobyl disaster. And will need to be together with them. "

Damage memorable characters and crosses were unknown attackers produced 10s again. Exceptionally against so called "Clinton’s Bench", from the time of its establishment in 1994, vandalism occurred eleven times. On this occasion, the U.S. embassy acted with a particular statement. But police hitherto not vyyavilili nor 1st offender.

Vladimir Juho about broken cross

Broken Cross

Members of the CCP BPF raise broken cross

Inclined cross

Members of the CCP BPF about cross sedimented

Tatiana Lukyanov removes about Kurapaty crosses

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