In Kyrgyzstan, died party anti-presidential demonstrations

Father of eight kids Bektemir bass mysteriously died in a police station in the town of Naryn. On Saturday he returned from Bishkek, where he participated in protests, and was arrested. The next morning found him hanged in a cell on his shirt.
Police said that perch hanged himself. Prosecutor’s office opened criminal case, opposition favorites sent in the Naryn own representatives to find out background scene.
Brother of the late Omurbek convinced that Bektemir could not have committed suicide, and his death blames security forces.
Meanwhile opposition United Front for a Worthy Future for Kyrgyzstan second day continued demonstrations in the structure of the Kyrgyz parliament. Demonstrators achieve quick adoption of modern constitution that would significantly cut back on the possibility of the president, and the resignation of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. According to the views of the opposition, Parliament deliberately delaying consideration of the draft Constitution.
Favourite opposition last Prime Minister Feliks Kulov said the government was preparing police operations against protesters rally their crackdown and arrests of its members. In addition protesters mobilized against criminal elements from the south, more priklnnye current government.
"The president, who stirs up confrontation in one nation, dividing it into north and south, not allowed be head of state. This is our position and we will be in continuous and its ruthlessly defend. Until we achieve victory, "- says Kulov.
Many opposition favorite place in the north of Kyrgyzstan, while President Bakiyev — from the south.
The number of protesters in Bishkek is estimated at several thousand people. Voltage increases, on Saturday during a demonstration supporters of President Bakiyev inspired massive hassle. News agencies report that the south side of Bishkek move supporters of the current president and the government.

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