In London, died Belarusian culture researcher Guy Picard

A graduate of Oxford Institute and the Institute of the Sorbonne, Picard studied the works of Belarusian composers life and work Skarina, developed a history of Bible translations on whiteRussian language, perspective stories majestically Duchy of Lithuania.
Engaged in search of ancient Belarusian motets and their publication. Published "Belarusian spevnik church. The Divine Liturgy "," Belarusian spiritual spevnik "popular science publication" Church Music in Belarus. 989 — 1995 ", made the analogy of Belarusian songs" Golden Belarus ", Belarusian and reference library on behalf Skaryna in London. Printed on the pages of religious and secular publications ("God’s method", "Belarus", "The Journal of Byelorussian Studies", etc.) ..
"He was an Anglo-French origin and came to us, Belarusians — told apostolic visitator Belarusians abroad Catholic Father Alexander Knudson. — As a student at Oxford, looking for church music, he was interested not only in music, but of the Belarusian culture and history, all Belarusian. And since then he has lived it enthusiastically. By profession wrestling Greco, his music and more Intriguing Belarus.

A.Nadson: "His music is more to motivate and Belarus."

He did a lot: and Anglo-Belarusian Scientific Society and Belarusica magazine, and special lectures belorusovedov that we have organized here almost 30 years, and its role in international conferences, where he read for Belarusian theme.
The past 18 years Guy lived in our Belarusian center in London. For me it’s the loss of a very close person. It is too early to reflect on all that he has done Belarus. And he did a lot, did indeed sincerely and selflessly. "

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