In Minsk accomplished presentation book size. Nineteenth-25.03.2006


The first part of the book make reports, interviews, surveys, calls listeners who rang in the air and published on the website in the days of night and the camp’s existence. Second part of the book is responsible for the repression of protesters.
Students turned into spectators
We book — for you candy
Meeting BPF bit more umyastsila weave people who came to the presentation of "The Square". And most of them were members of the last year’s events, whose names are mentioned in the "square".
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka noted that
"We were all in it together, for the sake of Belarus, for the sake of freedom." Svabodavtsy "- Radio Liberty — not simply kept informed and kept in the energy field Square. Now book appeared, this torch-lit universal word. We are born in a cabinet in an endless life book about our size. "
Director Alexander Lukashuk Belarusian Freedom, in March 2006, which was also in the Square, presenting the book, I saw that the official results of the 2006 elections were not a surprise for journalists Freedom. Surprise was the size.
"The area has been the focus around the world the next week or later. This book — this is what was in the air and on the website of "Freedom." We collected reports, interviews, photos, but also something that this book is different from all the books series "Library of Liberty" — in this book have listeners, there is a state Acoustics ".
Alexander Lukashuk encourages guests to turn up in a book with your name
As in the book, as well as during the presentation voices listeners Radio Liberty.
Once a day Last year Living day to work round the correspondents of "Freedom" — Valery Kalinowski, Love Luneva Algerd Neverovsky Yegor Maerchyk and others. Love Luneva mentioned during the presentation of a few funny incidents that were journalists while working at the Plaza.
Love Luneva journalist.
"If, for example, Dashkevich read, that there was dean of the Faculty of Humanities, students find their own, so here they are now through to him, "Radio Liberty" call to say hello. "
Favourite Ales Kalita BPF Youth, one of the participants camp in a cool March caught in the Square "Freedom."
"Kasia Kamotskaya gave me in the first day of standing radio. I set it on" Freedom "and sitting in the tent, I heard about this interview those receivers that were given to the participants in the Plaza … We defended the 5 days, we would have defended if necessary, and the month and year. We will continue to stand. And yet once very loudly say: "Long Live Belarus!"
Ales Kalita: "We will win!"
Vladimir Orlov was one of those who in the past year put forward the idea to rename October Square Kalinowski in size.
"This tradition of struggle for independence of our land is not interrupted since the partition of the Commonwealth. Yet I think that this tradition of struggle was very massively demonstrated in Last year, in These days are, when we sovereign Lukashuk At two o’clock in the morning standing on the square and calculated the first seventeen tents … "
Vladimir Orlov: excursion into the history of the struggle for independence
Poet Andrei Hodanovich recalled how he and his students in Belarusian after dispersal camp held a minute of silence at the institute.
"I am grateful to the people in the Square and around it for the euphoria and interest on the 19th, the 20th, when you first of causeless, as it would seem logic but completely false, as it seemed hearts optimism."
Chap. also:
"Area. 19.03-25.03.2006": brand new book in the "Library of Liberty" "size": "You feel the atmosphere: frost, humidity and desire for change"

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