In Minsk bestowed Color cattle

Kurian: "Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to highlight very importantth term which can be advance after reading our books — Polish children’s poetry is at the very highest level. "
Reporter: "A book presented itself translator — Inessa Kurian also editor Adam Pomorski Polish translator."
Inessa Kurian and Adam Pomorski read the poem "The locomotive."
Pomeranian: "This verse know by heart not only all Polish kids, but it is also in adults. Somehow Polish television has made competition for politicians — who better to read this poem."
Kurian: "Steam Engine"
Bolshennom became locomotive on station, and the edges of his sweaty and sebaceous trickling. Stood up, sighed loudly and blew a pair of … "
Pomeranian: "I brought greetings from Warsaw, and appreciation from the Poles. And satisfaction that these nursery rhymes for adults who should not be discouraged when they read poetry to children, it is contraband. And we all welcome and thank the canard-perakladachku . "
Zaleski children’s group "Chatter" congratulates the creators of "The color of cattle."

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