In Minsk, the movie will be showing only the wind Faith

In the movie "Faith only the wind," the main character — dazymetrystka evacuation zone adjacent to the village Anastasia Petrovna, liquidator. Filmmakers deliberately not called surname ladies village and the area where the shooting occurred.
Anastasia Petrovna: "I no threat, no fear at first a day or had not, and does not currently have."
Anastasia Petrovna accompanies a dirty area, knows as it was in 1986, what is the situation at the moment, and reflects on the life and radiation.
Parallel sounds interview with Ivan Nikitchanka doctor, academic, liquidators:
Nikitchenko: "I would wish for all people to remember the threat to what they are. O children of their own need to think. "
Korzun: "There was no desire to aggravate something special. Tearfulness do not. Heroine herself, she occasionally paradoxical in their own stories. It always states, say, all right, even more so at the moment. And with all this is visible on her about the death. "
Directed by Victor Korzun says that in the movie a lot of improvisation. For example, the frame of the combine, which operates in the zone itself, the sign ban on arrival, and a warning about radiation safety.
Anastasia Petrovna: "Here background quite high, 25 micro-roentgen, not so much. A at a rate of … I do not want to scare you — 12 micro-roentgen."
Korzun: "If the second character — Academician — argues purely theoretical level, and we are simultaneously litsezreem report from this area is the third reality. It is very valuable, I think. "
Nikitchenko: "We accumulate such evil, such an explosion that in Belarus, well, not only in Belarus, the entire area is very bad impact."
Korzun: "We wanted to make a small cut, through which a man who had not forgotten how to think and draw conclusions, that through this man could see the slice some perspective, which can be show endlessly. But … At least this cut. "
This day is not enough who beheld the movie "Faith only the wind." One of the first Illya Bohdan:
"The movie is quite fascinating, it is new, it is very fresh. It, certainly, touched that were not previously affected."
Victor Korzun admitted that for him the most important thing memories from working on the film that virtually nothing unclear about what’s happening zone. "Faith only wind" will be presented April 24 at the Minsk office of BPF.
Subsequent online — with the chairman of the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" Ivan Nikitchenko

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