Our homeland brings to the first plan of some the most modern looking for faith own fighters at MAKS-2013, the agency UPI reported on August 23. On static and aerial demonstrations perceive role fighter fifth generation T-50 PAKFA and multipurpose combat aircraft Su-35S. Air show opens on Tuesday (August 27) in the regional capital town of Zhukovsky.
Su-35S is languishing far Single multipurpose combat aircraft, developed on the basis of superiority fighter advantages in the air Su-27. Russian Air Force ordered 48 aircraft of this type. OKB. Sukhoi claims that the aircraft can successfully resist the South American fighters fifth generation F-22 and F-35.
The Su-35 has the highest rate of 1500 miles per hour (according to media reports, the highest speed is 1400 km / h at sea level and 2,500 km / h at an altitude of 11,000 m — approx. «VP»), comparable to the speed of the F-22, the practical range at high altitude 1940 miles (3600 km). Plane resettled infrared search and track system with detection range of about 50 miles (90 km). The station can be used to detect stealth aircraft.
First layout of the T-50 flew in January 2010. Plane resettled improved sensors, including radar with an active phased array. T-50 does not have such as inconspicuous as the F-22 entered service with the U.S. Air Force in 2005, because the Russian engineers have relied on maneuverability, superior to the F-22. «Dry» is planning to offer an export version of the T-50 for implementation worldwide as a rival South American F-35, which at the present time is the world’s export stealth aircraft. The company is also working with the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. in the development of the coupe version, which will start mass production in 2020.
Potential market for the T-50 is «essential». Russian Air Force tactical aviation put forward the demand to purchase 250-300 machines, Air India 200-250. Speaking in June 2010 in front of reporters, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the development of the T-50 was spent approximately 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, and added that the need to bring the same amount of funds, and in this case, the cost will be less than the RF one second or a third, than the United States paid for the creation of their own F-22.
Holding a huge exposition will present «Russian Helicopters». One of the most anticipated new products will be Mi-171A2, which was developed with the introduction of new technologies on the basis of family MI-8/17. Holding wants to complete the certification flight Mi-171A2 Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee in 2014, is scheduled to begin deliveries to customers in 2015.

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