In New York, presented the book Poznyak

For the past several years after service at the Cathedral of St.. Cyril of Turov Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which comes more youth with the latest emigration, in the public room, the event — a meeting with guests from Belarus, exhibitions, friendly conversations. So it was on Sunday. Initially parahviyane participated in worship, which served as. Peter and Fr. Vyacheslav, and later descended into the public hall. Gathered about hundreds of people.
Director of the New York of the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art (BINII) other Vytautas seethed in his speech focused on philosophical qualities of creativity Zeno. Middle of the speakers was the hero of one of the books Pozniak — Chairman of the Belarusian-American Association Anton Shukeloyts. Zeno poems sounded present shared their impressions.
Pozniak "I am very impressed that it was a lot of young people, and that if you read the verses on sight at people wasand tears. These poems are written in different years, I have prepared and old manuscripts, thirty years ago, but that issue — it takes time and money. Neither one nor the other is not enough. By the way, these books have been published in one hundred percent of the means of Belarusians, with the support of Belarusian patriots and at his own expense. Engage directly in politics and work hard, almost unreal. After all, creativity or policies usually abplevvaetstsa opponents, or silenced. About this, I have no illusions. But I do not regret that 20 years ago almost threw creativity and went into politics, because life is meant higher cause — the creation of a new country. And this government exists. Let it now dictatorship — tomorrow will be a free Belarus, the main thing that Belarus lived. Remember that we are not just a public culture in which one is only 50 volumes of folklore. Below us — civilization. In the times we were majestically Principality civilizational factor that influenced Eastern Europe. Now Byelorussian destroyed — but tomorrow it will be a big modern language of Eastern Europe. "
Entry to the last two books of Zeno — "Lofty Principality" and "Roads" — wrote Ryhor Baradulin and Ales Ryazanov.
Zenon Pozniak stands next — Anton Shukeloyts
In the public hall of the Cathedral of St.. Cyril of Turov
Autographs on books
Photo by Anatoly Starkov

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