In order to live a normal life, you need boundaries 3 million rubles …

Man: "I do not save money, they have me in the back, I — a businessman."
Man: "It is not possible to delay, just to make ends meet. Why? Since aside funds can be when a person earns enough for food, for the welfare of the family. But it did not come out. I bedroom apartment, pay for it, for parking car for phones — it will be 500 thousand. Meals — we have one child, three and a half years — a million, that’s the math … "
Youth"I paid for the construction and ordinary income of 380 bucks because postpone something I manage."
Reporter: "And what you can afford to buy for themselves on their savings?"
Youth"I think about global Shop now out of the question, unless these funds are not earned by criminal means."
Man: "Despite the fact that I worked as a lawyer and I have a relatively high wages, as in Hrodna bushel, yet set aside funds to purchase promising not go. "
Reporter: "How, in your opinion, the necessary tools to live a normal life and that still remained to postpone?"
Man: "I think it’s within the boundaries of 3 million rubles. Such people are who earns so much, it police, municipal bureaucrats, people who support the regime, which serve him. "
Man: "This is dependent on who is in what job is running. If in the state, it is possible to forget about the savings. I work at a private trader, but to postpone, then you need to work at a private trader be healthy.
Man: "The car newest no gain for the money, but postponed a little money, cuts out on the sly."
Young lady: "Postpone? With God’s help to manage something dark day. For kids, for the future, because anything can happen. On a dark day, always have the means."
Pensioner: "This, in my opinion, is a private matter. What a deal for you to my personal affairs?"
Lady: "provocative question. Fact, I’m only a month reversing got a job, I do not even know what will be my salary in school two or three thousand. Because of any savings out of the question. Then my daughter is a student — which was not given in the capital of the hostel. Therefore this question Never to me. "
Reporter: "And how much capital you need to pay the rent?"
Daughter of Mrs.: "Partially room hire, because the apartment is very expensive cost. A room — from eighty bucks."

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