In planting peasants do not count on the government

As of April 9, the country is planted with 89 percent of collective and state farm areas. The west and south sowing is nearing completion. In October the area, according to the head agronomist rayselhozprodov Vladimir Borisov, the campaign ended, but no joy:
Borisov: "This spring is not recollected. How it will be, nobody knows. We had 6 degrees. A barley and oats pavzyhodili. The main thing is not destroyed by frost. We are waiting for warming. But if there are still cool nights, the plants may perish. "
The Vitebsk region sowed less. Here, as the statistics show, the company still has not touched the third public selgasugoddyav. There are ground and Dubrovenshchyne. Agricultural cooperative worker reads "Hero" Natalia Dyachkova:
Dyachkova: "We have sown in their own households, but we were joined by another. Because we in the SEC "Baev" still sow. There’s no head, no technique than process. Already actually quite collapsed economy. And because in the area of pronounced that there will we sow. "
Economic season started and farmers. Anatoly Shuljak has land area Shklovsky:
Shuljak "Too seeem. We, of course, no one tells the sow: if you want this, you want — no. But we sow only as moisture disappears. Although sow and sumnyaemsya. Scrapes on the heart. We always do sow, do not hire anyone, no one is asking. Barley sown at the moment sow wheat. "
As in previous years, collective and state farms to carry out sowing government allocated multibillion subsidies. Or received assistance from the country’s farmers? Individual farmer of Chaussy District Viktor Gromyko:
Gromyko: "We do not give. We have identified only a little help on diesel fuel. That’s all. We openly pronounced that the collective farms will not die, and you wish for yourself. "
Vladimir Novitsky peasants handles 300 hectares Luninechchine:
Nowicki: "I’ve heard that must be some subsidies for fuel. Any subsidies. But it says so, but, that fell directly at, no. We expect over. We all have sown crops — 80 hectares. "

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