In Polotsk district group of Orthodox believers renounces passports

The campaign to abolish passports identification numbers began seven years ago, after appropriate statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. In particular, the company rapidly unfolded in Polotsk district. On this week a group of Orthodox people Polotsk district appealed to the court demanding the abolition of the Regulations for the people of Belarus passports graphs of identification numbers. The lawsuit alleges that the citizens who refused to obtain a passport with a designated number, do not have the ability to get a job, get a pension and nearly starve to death. Reads one of the campaigners, who called Peter;
"Virtually all the Orthodox citizens Polotsk district oppose giving us passport identification numbers that actually replace a human name. Our repeated appeals of mandatory court Republic of Belarus, which was signed by more than a thousand people, were not successful. "
In response to the appeal was reported that alone for yourself identification numbers do not violate the freedoms of civilians and Human Rights, and that they are all only a means of personification of an individual in the administrative register — tax, insurance, pension and other documents. It was also reported that the provision of identification numbers is international practice. But such arguments Orthodox people are not sure. My interlocutor continues:
"Now turn specifically to the tribunal of Polotsk and Novopolotsk rescission of giving citizens the personal identification number. We impose that the court will consider our legitimate demands. Personally, I understood that the same people are preparing an appeal and in other regions of the country."
This problem was considered in the past year at a meeting of the House of Representatives. Responding to the parliamentary inquiry, the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov said that throughout Belarus has about 150 — 170 people, which shall be removed from passports for the availability of a digital ID from their personality. According to the minister, against the will of the people uplishchvats passport no one will. Instead they will be given special help.

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