In Prague commemorated immigrants — victims of SMERSH

Every year on May 11 Olshansky cemetery come descendants of emigrants — victims of SMERSH, the authorities and the public of the Czech Republic, to honor their memory. Pioneers — public association "They were the first", which appeared after the Velvet Revolution and that has to preserve the memory of immigrants — the victims of terror.

Vaclav Klaus during a ceremony of respect to the victims of Stalinist repression in postwar Czechoslovakia

Managing Unions, one of the descendants of the first wave of immigrants now Vladimir Swift during a ceremony presented the Czech president his book "Explore evil empire" in which collected materials about the fate of thousands of dead and missing in Russian camps, Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians.

Chairman of the organization, "They were the first" hands U.Bystrov President V.Klavsu book "Explore evil empire"

The ceremony began with a festive laying flowers at the memorial bronze plaques, which in 1995 wasand installed on the Orthodox Church of the Virgin at the initiative Uspennnya association "They were the first" price and the Czech authorities.

Wreaths were placed on the parliament, government, public organizations, the Czech Republic, veterans’ organizations. Military band played the national anthem of the Czech Republic city.

Speakers — Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Senate deputy chairman Jiri excesses and Vladimir Swift — had read about, it would be a real disaster if contemporaries have forgotten those people, and stressed that the democratic Czech Republic will not be forgotten.

Speaker Vl.Bystrov

During his speech Vladimir Swift said of the Orthodox Church is not allowed to go to the president of the Czech Republic to the temple. Vaclav Klaus in response diplomatically expressed surprise over this misunderstanding.
After the ceremony, the president of the Czech Republic had a conversation with reporters. The question why he had not first time on May 11 comes Olshansky cemetery, Vaclav Klaus said
"We try not to forget history, and that history was in the last 50-60 years, one hundred percent is forgotten. I thank those people who started rehabilitation this issue. And your presence here, and I wish to own speech highlight its importance. Very significantly, it came right after the victory over Nazism. I think it was the first example in the Czech Republic, when they began acting methods of Stalinism and communism, and most people in the country do not understand what’s happening. Now people in post-communist countries, many are aware of the Gulag, but this page is not yet widely known. "

In today’s funeral not participated representatives of diplomatic missions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Escape from Bolshevik terror began in Czechoslovakia in the early 20-ies. Czechoslovakia gave not only tyscham and tyscham these people political asylum, and made all of the conditions for their intellectual and public life. In 1925, their funds Olshansky cemetery was built Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. Two decades these people were measured life in a democratic country. Then — during the Nazi occupation. But after a day or two after the second World War in Czechoslovakia Russian intelligence services began mass arrests. Operation was conducted to eliminate the elite Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian emigration. First, scientists, writers, former diplomats and military personnel, teachers arrested and exiled to the Russian camp, where most of them were killed or disappeared.
Terrible days are gone through and then the family known Belarusian poetess Larisa Heniyush and Dr. Ivan Heniyush. Here is what the poet in his memoirs:
"Under our big house came with a truck" asvabaditselyami ", and the men under our windows kept stretched brezenty and chiefs called. But under our house converged all part of the town where we lived, the whole quarter and lifted up their voice, that will not give up," Mrs. daktarovu "(Dr. spouse), that we were people, great people."
From Czech friends Heniyush family appealed to the president of Czechoslovakia, to the South American Ambassador in Prague. And even though the family had Czechoslovak citizenship, it just distracted arrest Heniyush only three years …
On Olshansky cemetery in Prague last find their own peace weave immigrants from the former USSR. Here are the graves of Presidents BNR Peter and Basil Krichevsky Zakharkov, singer Misha Zabeydy-Sumitskogo other Belarusians.

As said in the present ceremony Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jiri excess, thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians — beens Russian empire — have acquired a second home in a democratic Czechoslovakia.
(Photo by author. Reports prepared with the role Oksana Pelenskay, Prague)

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