In Strasbourg, they say the general attitude of Europe towards Belarus

The desire to participate in the discussions said the head of the Parliamentary Assembly Rene van der Linden, Rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni Political Committee and other influential European politicians.
Invited to the debate and opposition Belarusian politicians — Anatoly Lebedko, Anatolia Lyaukovich, Milinkevich, Valeria Ukhnalev.
Subcommittee meeting begins at 19:30 Minsk time. A day Belarusian politicians met with European deputies representing all factions of the Parliamentary Assembly.
More necessary from the negotiations that have taken place now, they refer to a conversation with Andrea Rigoni — new rapporteur on Belarus.
Anatoly Lebedko says that Andrea Rigoni particularly interested in organizing large international conference devoted to the situation in Belarus.
"I drew attention that do not need to try to build a case with the official Minsk with unblemished sheet. There is a definite history of relations between Strasbourg and official Belarusian authorities.
And we must ensure that those resolutions that have been adopted, have been implemented. It was such a sovereign council myagenkaya Rigoni, that he specifically from that began its work in Belarusian affairs, "- said Lebedko.
Belarusian opposition politicians gave the newcomer Rapporteur affaires in Belarus next tip:
"It is best to come to Belarus is not one, and in the format of the parliamentary" troika "or even" chatsverki. " Means, that the delegation includes representatives of the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe, OSCE and maybe NATO. And so it was a consolidated position, and that they read with one voice. "
To This time it is unclear whether to participate in the evening session of the Subcommittee on Belarus representatives of the National Assembly. As you know, a day or three in the country outside. On the official websites of the latest materials on April 14.
I asked the emperor Lebedko, he beheld any member of the National Assembly in Strasbourg. Here is his answer:
"No official delegation has not seen here. Neither at the physical level, no one there is no smell."
Anatoly Lebedko added that during the Vilnius conference, which was held on last week, he heard from the Deputy Governor of the Lithuanian delegation to PACE Emanuilasa Zingeris that This time official Belarusian delegation in Strasbourg are not invited.

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