In the case of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant construction newest factor is outdated

The planned construction of a nuclear power plant price — 2.5-3 billion dollars per two units on tysche megavat. By 2025, the number of such units will increase to 4. As operational areas considered options Chaussky Shklovsky and Mogilev regions.
Chaussky option Geological Survey seems prettier. But as stated Head of the department of personnel work Chaussy executive committee Vladimir Zelenkov, still no conviction:
"At the present day situation is uncertain. That station to be built, so it’s a fact. One of the pads, and may even be available in basically it will have. While we all listened to the statement that construction would begin next year. Certainly, at the end of year will be more clarity. Besides, on this day, there is not even certain of money — at what cost to build the station, because the object is not a cheap. And calls to go the whole country. Ask: when will start to build, when to come to work? People are very interested, call of Brest, from the eastern districts: if Chavusy begin to build the station and wish to come to work … So, a plus for the region viewpoint socio-economic, natural, will be. "
The main purpose of the Belarusian NPP — autonomy from imported energy from other countries, first from Russia. Calculated that the introduction of 2-units will allow to reduce natural gas consumption by up to 5 billion cubic meters per year. But, in the drama of fate, as the lead implementer of the project more clearly serves the same Our homeland. A little earlier Chairman of the Presidium of NAS Misha Myasnikovich more susceptible belonged to the French development. Belarusian specialists went to negotiate with the management company AREVA, but the result of the visit was mourning: the French side for unknown reasons "astsyarozhnichae."
Whereupon on one of the press conferences salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov gave realize that relationship 2-states to a large extent will depend on who will elect Belarus as a general partner for the construction of nuclear power plants. And now Myasnikovich reads most reliable NPP — Russian. My Chaussky spokesman Vladimir Zelenkov himself a physicist, Department of Physics, BSU finished specialization "nuclear physics". And states that the French and Russian technologically similar projects. At least, if the associate, in any case, it is more harmless than Chernobyl:
"From what I hear, planned water reactors. And French and Russian development partially similar. Such water reactors rather harmless. This is not Chernobyl, where a very inexpensive and very sternly happened. Given the current situation and the fact that natural resources are disappearing, we are nowhere on it is not going anywhere. And oil is completed and gas is over. A something needed will also be warmed in our climate. "
Will manage the construction of the Belarusian NPP its unwavering. On the days are announced in 2007 Belarus will complete theoretical tests, elect a strategic partner for the project, then immediately begin negotiations with suppliers of technology and equipment.
Subsequent online — with the chairman of the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" Ivan Nikitchenko

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