In the elections in Russia and Ukraine, there is no such

After, CEC has registered 8 new candidates for deputy mandates, the number of failures decreased from 24% to 20%. But a professional in the industry calls elections Sergei Alpher and this figure is very superior. He says that in the adjacent RF us or Ukraine, the figure is usually held at a rate of 3-5%. Expert explains why he’s significantly below:
"Different electoral systems used in Belarus, with one side, and in Russia and Ukraine, on the other. There are elections under the proportional system, and we have for the majority.
But at the same of, if there is incorrect declaration (compare the situation with Lahviniec), then given a certain time, that bidder corrected impropriety. And there per se legislation is not so draconian that no matter what techno bug becomes a barrier, not to register the candidate. "
Case with Alexander Lahviniec became virtually a textbook. Candidate rightly pointed total amount of own income for the year. But in deciphering this document, for technical reasons, fell one payment of 251 euros, although these funds included in the total amount of taxes paid by them. And because even the manager of the legal department of the CEC Nadezhda Kiseleva invited to register sovereign Lahviniec:
"In considering the dispute should be based on objective income and property declaration of candidates. Objective — to bring to the voters of the candidate material condition. Complaints Research has shown that the total revenue for the year is specified. It really made a mistake techno. Since CEC explained to voters that have to sum the total annual income, and the emperor showed Lahvinets real amount of more than 8 million rubles, in this case you need to cancel the decision of the district commission and register Lahviniec a candidate. "
How to readand later present at the meeting, if the sovereign Lahvinets silent, then offer expert CEC would support other members of the commission. But parliamentary candidate asked to speak and criticized the election rules in Belarus.
As a result, a majority vote of the CEC refused to register Lahviniec Alexander. And Lydia Yermoshina commented this situation:
"This is Alexander, the value of your martial ardor. Impossible to ever raise the Central Election Commission. This considerable cost by the applicant."
Overwhelming majority of Democratic candidates CEC refused to register. Common mistake nominees SLM was followed: they assured voters’ signatures in the administration of District 1, and needed — 2-.
Fact, that all polling neighborhood in the capital of Belarus, except the last, 110th, bow 2-area districts — explains Sergei Alfer:
"More than that. If the signature sheet has at least one voter signature with another district, this letter is considered absolutely null and void. This — insanity. This is something that was introduced in 2006 new year in legislation.
I can not understand why this is was manufactured. Is it only in order to invalidate the signature is not one, but all 15 or sixteen other explanations look unreal. Well, if you think that one person from another district, then kidnap him. Done so before 2006. Then there were no such problems. And now they appear ".
In the subsequent week, the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus make out complaints unregistered candidates for CEC decision. It is clear that most of the unregistered candidates will not even try to contact the supreme court of the country. They do not believe that the Supreme Tribunal reconsider the decision of the Central Commission.

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