In the farm is not a thief — not the owner of the house …

If you believe the official statistics and municipal media Belarusian farmers This year collected a record collection of bread and harvest, thanks to the collective farms obtained by using the latest technology budget, was never as accurate and high-spirited. But the letters on the harvest, which we get from our listeners in these September days are show quite a different story.
I’ll start a conversation with current correspondence Victor Klyanovskaga from the village Druja Braslavskogo district. Student knows how were harvest and experience in farm him personally. Victor Klyanovski writes:
"My mom in ’70, worked all his life on the farm accountant. Not so long ago a day sat in a field, waiting for the combine, which would it threshed barley. A combine refused to say: do not take with haystacks, unprofitable us half an hour to stand in one place. And for the harvester, incidentally, it is necessary to pay 30 thousand — and no difference, he abmalotsits hectare or 5 acres. And when you’re on the farm did not work and do not work — then 50 thousand.
Here and zadumaessya: why all this necessary? Either no easier and easier to buy everything you need in a collective farm "pilferers"? And what? Fur stolen grain — two "bombs" "shamurly." And the thieves, most people do not consider these pilferers. They say this: "In the farm to steal — not a sin" or "We take what we give less government."

Or another example — says Victor Klyanovski. — Before the war, in Poland, we have grown high-quality linen, going for export to Europe. Farmers involved in this affair, had a decent penny. And what now? So I’m hoping for the highest earnings went to the farm on ylnavborachny harvester. Worked for a month, from eight to eight. Only a few days the weekend — because of rain. And that work? 120 thousand rubles. That’s income — $ 50 per month heaviest work …
And what are the conditions? Workwear is not given, almost all the equipment ruptured. Combine just out Polga repair, but a month came to handle because flax field — as after the bombing. Who povinet? Certainly, one mechanic, who cultivated plowed field. Why try it if you can drain the diesel fuel from the tractor and implement speculator (as they say themselves — "save") "- wrote in his own letter to the" Freedom "from the village of Victor Klyanovski Druja Braslavskogo district.
Not his field, not own a tractor and combine harvester, a small collective farm income, which is only conditionally, depending on the amount and properties of your work … All this — the old incurable diseases Communists made the kolkhoz system. In the USSR, it was held at the municipal generous subsidies — and still could not provide the country with neither milk nor meat nor bread.
How different from the Russian collective farms current Belarusian village? Collective renamed cooperatives — SEC, and "pilferers" and bezgaspadarchasts and low wages, and nezatsikavlenasts peasant in the results of their own labor — all fundamentally fundamentally, based on what the collective farms — still a virgin.
Follow kutsee letter — on the parliamentary elections to be held in Belarus on September 28. Our listener Trapping of Ivan Pukhavichy district believes that the opposition is not enough in this campaign is active. He writes:
"None of the opposition candidates in our environment do not know. Nobody to my house did not go on the street and we have no meetings, no pickets. As it did for the opposition? And these people want us to vote for their ? Eventually all will be so still — vote for on who tells the chief " — So says Ivan Trapping of Pukhavichy district.
Maybe sovereign Trapping, and you’re right on mlyavasts, passive candidates, their unwillingness to propaganda campaign has been criticized by many. At the same time, these criticisms are addressed and the opposition and pro-government candidate. But if you end up ready obediently vote for on who tells the chief — who then complain later if you find that you have chosen a disappointment? Maybe in this case, the very least show initiative — and to start at least go to the polling station and ask information about the candidates?
Our listener Aleksander Jackiewicz from Vitebsk responded to one of the gears nedavneshnih "Freedom" in which open a discussion prepyadstviya Belarusian youth that he was leaving to work abroad. Sovereign Jackiewicz writes on this subject:
"My stepdaughter went too: singing somewhere in a casino. Ibid work and other Belarusian girls — on the dancer. Employment — NIGHT MODE, when customers are going … much I do not know, but, as the daughter herself She remained with pleasure there forever. Yes Once the contract is completed, and age, for sure, is not the same … She’s in Turkey. should soon come forward …
What will understand it here? Nothing seems decent. No education. And if it is, then what? That’s what my education? However, there is a category such people, anyone with anyone anyhow, if only where, if only that …
I think that the fate of many Belarusian devchenok very similar to my fate. "

Next to his own letter Alexander Jackiewicz writes about his own fate, that is difficult to find a job cultural activities organizers did not need culture in the Belarusian state. Another quote from the letter:
"Power does not have to be a man and work for the people. Turns out I worked all his life not what it should be? Maybe, indeed, that culture nobody needs? After employ and give the probable earnings cultural activities organizers, the country did not go. And our culture to another, as through a bottle of beer or vodka, and not look …
Not to join any party, and do what I can. No one will not fail you, nor anyone you. On the other hand, the authorities react relatively easier you 1st. The difference is: one finger or fist. "

At the end of Alexander Jackiewicz rule on the Russian-Georgian armed conflict in the Caucasus. He writes:
"War is very impressed. Pity people. Not so long ago were all their own. Adsedissya not now, expect new developments. Our homeland is constantly waged war with somebody, will go to the end and here. People there never regretted (in general, as and us). centuries vstsilali way to military victories dead. So, it seems to me, will continue " — Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Alexander Jackiewicz from Vitebsk.
So, for sure, will be up to such time as the people themselves are not highly valued and their dignity and personal freedom, and the price of his life.
Over the past seventeen years the Belarusian youth, for the first time in two centuries, was not sent to wage war for a thousand miles from home — either the Caucasus or the Balkans or in Afghanistan (and where there were still imperial interests first in the royal of, and later in the USSR Communist?). This fact became a significant number of Belarusians, perhaps the most important argument in favor of state independence of their country.
Follow-up letter — also on the Russian-Georgian war. Yang Antoniuc from Minsk not agree with those who condemn Russia for anger. A listener writes:
"On the days of your listener expressed very controversial idea, as if Ossetia and Abkhazia — are historical areas of Georgia. And many such expressions. Exactly But it is clear that before the revolution, Georgia, Ossetia and Abkhazia were part of the Russian royal separate province.
After the collapse of the USSR, they could make a general government on the basis of a peace deal. But hot head Saakashvili is not satisfied. He chose a different path — the path of military adventures.
Russia blamed for the fact that she made an act of anger against Georgia. But she only answered (and not immediately, but after a day or three) on the Georgian adventure. So she did what she should was done
in this case, to ensure a peaceful process.
Every nation (ethnos, civilization) has the right to own their own land and are satisfied with it because it considers it necessary. This wish of South Ossetia, Abkhazia. This wish and we, Belarusians.
So pochetaemy sovereign Zhdanko any information (including rubbish) must be submitted on the background of this story. In the unlikely event that compromise your radio and lowers its credibility "
, — Wrote in his own letter to freedom Yang Antoniuc from Minsk.
So, sire Antoniuc: any civilization has the right to self-determination, but once every government has the right to territorial integrity and immutability of its own borders. Contradiction between those 2 basic principles ignited during the last century 10’s wars.
Historical events and facts in such disputes — not the most convincing arguments. Any of the parties involved in the conflict, uses in such cases to that period of history, which confirms the correctness of his position. That asetyny and Abkhazians refer to the administrative boundaries of the royal empire, and Georgians — on the division of the USSR, according to which Abkhazia and South Ossetia were part of the Georgian SSR. A new municipal boundaries of the new-independent states in 1991 wasand held on the Limits of the former Soviet republics.
All these arguments and both sides have repeatedly heard in the programs of "Liberty" when covering topics Caucasian war and its circumstances.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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