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Ales Arkusha "Danish prince Joachim COULD Belarusian King"

Once out of print, the eleventh issue of the literary anthology "Kalosse." On noteworthy numbers with his publisher and editor of the main sheet Alexander says our correspondent Valentine Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "The Emperor Alexander, soon you like to dedicate a room of its own magazine one topic. Either no exception this room" ears "?
Ales Arkush: "Do not become. It is dedicated to adventure literature. This does not mean that the whole room is filled with some detectives or adventure stories. But there is everything. There are even historical material about Rogvolod which is also perceived as an adventure. There are critical and literary film adventure literature. And I enrolled small essay provinces Mudrova that sounded Radio Liberty, and to the adventure genre. This Russian adventure in time and some of them we printed in this issue. "
Aksak: "So makarom next issue of your magazine is trying to challenge the fairly widespread worldview that Belarusian prose — fiction bored?"
Leaf: "Our literature is all there. Another thing is that a priori adventure literature written in the beginning of the commercial. Creator adventure novel immediately expects that his writings will be written in great quantities that it will receive for this harsh fee. Because my almanac that not vyplachvae fees, print such an adventure novel can not. A small adventure genres in this room pretty. I wonder when bombarded in the Belarusian literature does not, there is this. This is stated by those who know little Belarusian literature. Belarusian literature lost information place and because of it not much is clear. "
Aksak: "So will you open for Belarusian readers how exciting adventure genres creators?"
Leaf: "I believe that now is one of the classics of the adventure genre we have a Sergei Balakhonov. His book" Name Pears "confirmation. And we printed it "Snow Captain Montgomery." This is a little adventure story, or a great story with a very busy plot. It also historical time. I think that happens with Sergei Balahonova classic adventure genre. And we do not open it as much as mark in this niche. Incidentally, in this room Homel critic Yunelya Sal’nikova ponders works of Sergei Balahonova adventure. "
Aksak: "In the middle name of this room I was surprised to find the name of the famous Belarusian historian Oleg Latyshonka of Bialystok. You that he, too, to the creators of adventure genres enroll?"
Leaf: "I think, who knows him personally, it is not taken aback. Fact that he knows from time to time, it is a historical adventure story. And what we have printed, the text a few years back the published in English in journal "Alba Rutenika." text that not much is known to our readers. Written Belarusian variant we have expanded the creator, and I know that he asked the other Latyshonka Belarusian publications, but he promised to publish it for the first time in our journal, what I’ve done . This text is devoted to the famous Prince of Polotsk pedigree Rogvolod. historian It actually puts an end to the dispute was Rogvolod Varangians or Slavic prince. Latyshok exactly claims that it was Varangian prince and displays multiple versions of what kind of this prince. "
Aksak: "I know that you have found the modern heirs Rogvolod here and there seems to be created even descendants Rogvolod club …"
Leaf: "The fact that the historian Katlyarchuk living in Sweden, published an article, from which it became clear that in Denmark monarchist family is blood Rogvolodovichey. Princess Sophia Valadaravna kind of Rogvolodovichey spouse was the 1st of the rulers of Denmark, and her two offspring were later kings of Denmark. And this royal family inseparable ever since. At one point, I wrote on the web that on a theoretical level, we can invite the representative of the monarchical court of Denmark to become the ruler of Belarus, and it is completely legal. many liked the idea, and was created company "Belarusian monarchists" to which I was appointed chairman. Naturally, I take it as kulturtregerski project. "
Aksak: "What is the name of this potential king Belarus?"
Leaf: "His name, if I’m not mistaken, Yefim. And it is completely suitable for us, and I beheld his photo, then view it suitable for us, and he was a young age. This Danish queen’s youngest son, and he does not pretend to throne of Denmark. "
Aksak: "Does he know that is a descendant of the monarchical throne Belarus?"
Leaf: "At a conference held in Poznan, I spoke about it in his own report, and was taken later in the harsh book. So in Europe, I think someone knows about it."
Aksak: "We have a plot for a new adventure historical novel …"
Leaf: "Historical-futuristic adventure novel …"
Creators and works
Felix Batorino: "U.S. reconcile love ONE"

Scoble: "The Emperor Felix, you are running the doctor during the second clinic in Minsk, it is quite rare profession in the midst of those who are engaged in literature. How to you manage to combine medicine and poetry?"
Batorino: "Poetry has always been with me, it is an integral part of my life. In medicine, I went after the unsuccessful attempt to enter the metropolitan Literary Institute. Failed to contest, returned home. And thought, as Chekhov, Bulgakov and Misha had medical education and immediately were beautiful writers. And it so happens that now I have no regrets. Science and poetry — these are different aspects of my life. "
Scoble: "It occurred to me Mikhas Streltsov quatrain:" It happens that the word — medicines that the doctor ordered. "What you often prescribe to their clients — pills or read poetry? Either vershaterapiya has no business to medicine?"
Batorino: "Maybe it is. And, certainly, the state of the human soul is of great importance in the sense supratsivlyalnastsi diseases, so as not to fall into depression, etc. But without any special methods of treatment of the disease are not tested. Psychological diseases in the state of mind is very essential have. And there medykamentoznaya need therapy. "
Scoble: "You write in Russian and Yiddish. How is this movapadel?"
Batorino "Belarusian language came into my life, together with the Belarusian air. She sounded in our house as I can remember. And I remember myself from 3 years. I was not yet four years old, and I have learned to read. And his first Reading the book I remember for a lifetime, and now I can quote by heart. They were "Belarusian Folk Tales" edited Kolas. remember first parable began: "Went with a goat goat nuts finding. Goat tweaks — goat picks … "In our house constantly language sounded to the same for the reason that my father — the last commissioner of the guerrilla unit, and after the war partisans from all over Belarus zyazhzhalisya us to their meetings. And voices (then nobody hesitate) on its own, to Nature, in the Belarusian language. All dialects, language sounded all colors in our house.
Regarding movapadelu. Verse I immediately begins either in Belarusian or Yiddish. Yiddish — less often. Since there is no audience in Belarus, which could read or listen to me in Yiddish. In our country, only 10 people can be left who knows Yiddish. A number of those who write, I’m probably the only one left. "
Scoble: "And where is printed poet who wrote in Yiddish?"
Batorino "magazine published in London" Depen, "he closed. Moscow went through several editions (" De Yiddish ho "," Birobidzhan shtern ") — they, too, ended its existence. Yet several newspapers in America and left in Israel (" Topal point "). Yiddish Language, unfortunately, dies in the world."
Scoble: "You tra
nslated from Yiddish into Belarusian Sholom Aleyhema. Who of Belarus creators closer to him with his creativity? Or Shalom Aleyhem — a phenomenon purely Jewish and inimitable?"
Batorino: "I think that last. Sholom Aleyhem — he is very Jewish writer. And since it is very Jewish writer, he — and the global classic.’s Why. It is inimitable. This is a strange combination, it is a story about the catastrophic through funny. One phrase is worth (there anyone father fell ill, anyone female): "And I fine, I — an orphan."
Scoble: "You translate and poetry. Among other translated and known ballad" Lerelyay "Hayn. But before you transfer it in Belarusian Yuri Gavruk Julius Tovbin. So what was the next option?"
Batorino: "Former translations I just was not satisfied. I love German poetry, his love gave me a father. However, the Germans, he read in the traditional Russian translations. Poets I read in the original German. Certainly, no such transfer, which would correspond to one hundred percent of the original . "
Scoble: "Even your" Lerelyay "?
Batorino: "Even my" Lerelyay. "While boasting state in a smug attitude. My translation of all known — the closest to the original. I could go over the lines and prove that there — almost verbatim coincidence. Basically, when I translate I try, that translation was possible precisely the meaning. But in order for all this is not lost art treasures. In short, try to keep and spirit and bukovku. This is my principle as a translator. "
Scoble: "With your background (not the one that is placed in the biographical reference" Belarusian writers "), I know that in the midst of your close relatives and was a member of the Communist Party of Belarus, and Cantor synagogue. How did their upcoming fate?"
Batorino "grandfather on mother was cantor of the synagogue. But Russian authorities, he became an accountant. Unfortunately, he was a man of painful and early death. I do not remember him. And his brother was a member of the Central Committee of Gedaliah the PBC in 1930. Befriends Incidentally, with Bukharin. In 1937 he was imprisoned as a Polish spy who wanted to undermine the elevator in Gomel. During interrogations, he was tortured, but he did not sign anything. Fortunately, he was released. And my father, the military then forced to divorce my mother ( as — sister "enemies of the people"). But he refused to honor his father, although he was dismissed from the army. Instead stayed with family. "
Felix Batorino. Of new poems
Neron sang — and sobbed a Rome from feral cats howling distraught. It seemed worth listening slightly — I, flour than one better die!
Neron judged. Hungry lions tearing many bodies of people, I bloody jet flew in the face of the audience, while alive.
Lights played and played Almighty ventsanosets Rome. Fighters roared carnivores. Crosses burned. A Rome burned.
I appeared in Rome. You can not age There were people make izymatelstva bloody cheaper. Neron killed so dashing genes stubbornly sprouting here and there.
Epitaph on the wall KALIZEYU
Times dictate stringent laws: time to install — and mighty Rome, Forgetting to fame Cicero spoke the language of the barbarians.
Lost and forgotten language glory Somewhere» I will not be gone, will not end the genus, but only in the rubble crumble government I will not be a people.
The sun was in and out of the yard With a cross on the back wood carpenters Yagoshua, son carpenter, he thinks in woody species.
Carpenters Yagoshua you obdelyvaet boards and log a lot. See: your friend is not zmahlyavav — Cross came out strong.
He tried, already bent into an arc. Work for the master, like a song. Cross and keep body weight, I will not burst under the nails.
He will stand for centuries century simply majestic strictly. Yagoshua carpenters, cross your grave. With God! Awaiting road.
I sun is one, and one month, I, our earth is one. And we eat each other, sorrows n» parsed to the bottom.
I bit of one, one and sorrow, I way in the dark one. As one, we crave is visible in the gloom I stubbornly look.
With gloomy wildness viscous lowlands to rays a day or sympathetic mind can bring us one, And to bring together love one.
And standing on buskins removing Postol, flowing durachiny Uzlezli on tables.
Nogami Paplyazhyli down the whole dinner. And we, the intellectuals, holding etiquette.

Andrew Khadanovich. 100 li100v to tut-by ". Publisher" Logvinov "2006.
He is currently in my possession — carved out of Nasha Niva 2000 poem "Punctuation" … Specifically with its started my enthusiasm for poetry Andrew Hodanovich. I saw it as inheritance Brodsky — and since then did not let him out of his own critical outlook. One year later, wrote about Hodanovich — creator of several publications — articles, and two years later — an introduction to his first collection of the Belarusian …
Now he — not the very popular writer in the youth audience. Some of the critics — and their number grows as, respectively glory — trying to change the word "very popular" with "hyped". And someone already complain that Hodanovich "very much", and Hodanovich — "very much." But, I confess, watching him parnatnym blitzkrieg, I never saw any completely positive review at least one of his collection of poetry. Among those that came out in Belarus.
Such impression that books Hodanovich consider not alone for himself, as a complement to it musical and poetic evenings, as some software product, in which, after the animal can recollection of events, as some constant, independent of the year of publication. And claims to it from year to year are the … Prahihikav Belarus … suit for love lyrics … care to the public … "100 li100v on" reproached for nenarmatyvnasts — not so much a language as myslenchuyu. Say, Pushkin himself for such could not afford. The creator of "King of Nikita and his forty daughters" allowed for themselves, "pramezhdu protchaya", and so on … But it’s not much, but much sugestyvna pledged: "Hodanovich — is everything." And more often than expose itself to the poet almost understood against the background of the current Belarusian poetry "Hamburg account", even more so of course it gets.
"100 li100v on" — exactly the most lyrical collection of the poet. By content — is rare for modern public use case writing epistles (hopefully, the Puritans did not accuse me of this word). Intonation — all close to the intimate diary, where you can see not only the development of the senses, and the changing seasons. Hodanovich on recognition — a "poetry, written partly in autumn and winter of 2004 and amended later texts." According to the structure — "100 li100v …" divided into four sections, which should be read inclusively with 3 dyvertysmentami — Lithuania, Warsaw and July — not to zbivatstsa with calendar-cyclical thinking.
Given the knowledge of the French poet, dyvertysment seen as "uvesyalenne" when reading the same emerged as a poetic addition. This is emphasized by the creator of almost imperceptible discrepancy — between the poems and texts in sections in dyvertysmentah — rate constant insistence Hodanovich. But even in these artistic buffer lacking verses accurate and far pazaasabovyh. This poem "Between Lithuania and Belarus — the territory of the draw" — diverted poetic promise Vladimir — Orlov and Mayakovsky
Between Lithuania and Belarus — the territory of the draw. Wheels still. Bypass customs cars. Who will look at your passport, there — not me, A color image Meduzy Gorgon.
Only suddenly: "The Emperor Hodanovich? Andrei" I hear an
d play.
As if from the cold in the bay excellent neck, I feel full of joy cloud in trousers to climb for a passport in the pocket, fascinated with the illusion that he returned to his homeland.
Subject to the Fatherland Hodanovich padrabue separate and more than detailed conversation. This is "a country where full brake presses on the brake, and where the same prazdnichek mark four times." And the area where "nothing to catch, except the last bus!." And global giperkalyuzhyna — "between the police department and military offices" …. And yet — with altitude sled St. Nicholas — a land of missed gifts. And the generation which addresses its Hodanovich epistles, this generation that lives in standby mode. continuation of his sonnet "Afterword" from the book "Letters from under the blanket," reads the sign such as a verse from the book "100 li100v on":
How to live to young and look young peers? How not to die in this maternity hospital of old kids? Soon become grayish, as if the sea under the wing buravesnika, dysneylendavskih The region struggles, prayers and vows.
Vykalupvaem happiness last loaf of raisin. And the assembly of the rainbow — sterile stereasny. With sylikonu girls allowed lovely bubbles. Used syringes in glass rent boys.
And crawling, oh added-added, subordinate clauses, Dadaist without a passport and without Tzara in the head, admirers digital cameras — a step before the gas … A shyze though henna and dove to the present day lives.
One can argue about paetychnastsi word "shiz" … And specify served on the cover of the language definition Hodanovich as "beautiful, extravagant, pointed." I would like to write what he writes tongue streets — but where you beheld that Belarusian-street? But that’s right, he writes in the language of the Plaza, is already zmitalyagizavanay area, where they live with hope and love.
Because the most unexpected gift became particularly Love poems, lavishly presented in "100 letters …". Confess to yourself for yourself mention nauseating love intellectual discourse cause me irritation — which Bart fault with his "Fragments". But hadanovichavski Love — love and sacrifice of the global network — just an open face, antybartavskaya, despite the common definition: "I’m the one who waits." Hero Hodanovich experiencing and even suffering, but of course, he gets to all the buzz — and from the experiences and suffering. And from his sickening nyazmushanastsi speech — because "soap" all "cute", and in the distance — easier. Geographical distance provoked sincerity of expression, revealing unused to the ability read directly:
They say, as if Chagall so long lady in the studio renders that out — and beheld her in the sky. There is a joke that a plausible grain Because wherever I looked, I see: you do not have enough.
Despite the advice of his "Character punctuation" — "listen to advice of the poet, — sit teach semietyku" poet be successfully bypasses the "ambush" philological vyshukanstva. Taste and sense of humor was not given to reincarnate in correspondence act "mental masturbation." "100 li100v on" — this is not the message semielyaga and letters from the poet-wanderer who "waist jeans" walks "in the constellation of the Great Winnie the Pooh."

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