In the House of Writers forbade talk about the victims of Stalinist repression

Knows the Organizing Committee Secretary Vladimir Romanovsky.
"We had 12 people. We then went to the lounge next to the cafe. Decided that we will quickly master documents — text" Appeal to the citizens "," Address to the veterans. "But did watchmen of the building houses a literary regime object. They uttered, so we immediately left the premises. Eventually a policeman came, and we pronounced it would soon finish and go … "
Typically, members of the organizing committee meets once a week on Mondays at the Company’s office whiteRussian language. But now do failed as TBM organized their own event. "The problem with meeting space for us to become more acute," says Vladimir Romanovsky.
"This is so humiliating and wildly people, who wish to honor the memory of hundreds of thousands of victims, should hang out like this, "he says.
Yet now was adopted final text of the leaflet "Memento 1937 we." It was also decided to Radunitsa April 17 to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression in the park and CHelyuskincev Kurapaty.

In the photo: Vladimir Romanovsky lights candles in Kurapaty
• In Kurapaty commemorated the victims of repression • Public offered to pay for the protection of Kurapaty

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