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Eugene Brown: "WORDS Czeslaw Milosz became my"
"The other end of the world will not" — so called volume of selected poems by the famous Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz, who just went out of print. This first Belarusian poetic book Nobel laureate was born in Shateynyah Belarusian Vilenschina. To her a couple of years reversed in Belarusian published a book of essays by Milos "shackled mind." With one of the translators of the latest book by Eugene brown Aksak says Valentine.
Valentine Aksak: "Eugene, you are absolutely young writer and translator, took recreate in Belarusian world famous creator. Sure enough and bold creative step for the newcomer. Was not terribly put his name next to the naming of the Nobel Prize winner?"
Eugene Brown: "It so happened that a youth was not scary to put your name, where he asked to put any. Milos And it so happened that my acquaintance with him came out, thanks to Andrew Hodanovich on one of the evenings of his translation workshop, where I Milos offered in the original. Polish first I dealt with in the first, second, third grade because something left. I took, and it happened that deeply it shocked me. Milashavy works were similar to what I he experienced, thought, and because somehow organically was working with his texts. I experienced them myself.’s why my name there as it sounds proudly would, I believe, and randomness and regularity. " Aksak: "Here you have used the word" experienced ". A meanwhile, of 2-a-half 10-s poems included in this book in your translations, the vast majority of adult Milos belongs. The age difference was not a hindrance to clear transmission of sensory context works? "
Brown: "I’m sure 20 years from now has translations would look differently — I would be grateful to fate, if that happens. But now, from the first pages of the Polish text Milos his wordsand now my words as I thought. I do not understand why it happened, but it happened. Indeed, Milos for me, for sure, the best poet of the twentieth century. I highly affinity with him. "
Aksak: "How long did you start to read and translate Milos?"
Brown: "The main work, for sure, read two and a half years back.’s When we met with Andrew Hodanovich and he offered to translate. Work has gone. Initially there were nine poems translated. Later, there was a proposal to print translations in the journal" Between " and so went for a dozen more. Later it was about fifty translations, but, unfortunately, only about 20 5 of them more or less satisfy me. Others, maybe someday, too, see the world. "
Aksak: "Belarusian book of poetry of Czeslaw Milosz, not counting your amounted translations recognizable Belarusian writers Ales Ryazanov Liavon Borshevsky Oleg Minkin, Ales Chobot, Andrew Hodanovich Jana Chikvin, Nicholas Romanowski and Yuri Bushlyakova. Many poems translated them passing you too, and they went to a greater extent in the section "Other versions of translations." Did you know that, say, the poem "So little" already translated Ryazanov, whether that "Campo di Fiori" transition for you to Andrew Khadanovich Yura Bushlyakovym? "
Brown: "It so happened that I vyznat this when translated specifically these two poems. At the same shop I brought his own version, but I read that already. And if I read it, I realized that if not for nothing I worked with these texts. And even if they stay only for me, it’s a great experience, which I am proud, in a sense. Certainly, later choosing poems for translation, I tried to figure closely translated them or not. But it is not was the determining factor. were verses that matched my inner state. "
Aksak "So expect a book Czeslaw Milosz exclusively in your translations?"
Brown: "I tried to translate the poem" A Child of Europe ", translating for about a year, and still can not transfer. This is for me a figure. If this poem I will in the near year — it will be a sign for me that I transfer Milos. If will not work — means I’ll read Milos translations of others. "
Aksak: "In translation you write and his own works were one of the favorites of young writers named Petrarch. A does not prevent you to engage in literature prof work lawyer? And in general what the lawyer poetry?"
Brown: "I do not know what is happening with the world, what is happening with me, because life is so happened that fifteen years before I fully literature motivate. Later, sure, great book caught my eye were my lovers, began to read later such raschudesnye meeting with Milos … I see this as a kind of destiny. "
Creators and works
Neil Gilevich "BELARUS CASE be done on the glory"
Or do not interfere with national motives poet rise to global heights of creativity? Without any reasons poetic talent fails razvinutstsa all the power? What prazdnichkom under fluctuation in the Belarusian calendar? On these questions Scoble said Misha national poet of Belarus Nil Gilevich.

Michas Scoble: "Neil Simonovic, I remembered one of your satirical verse:" The Poet in the country ate ranet after sighed and folded his sonnet about how different world and different poets chatyrohsotkavy poet, and a poet pavgektaravy, land parental poet, the poet throughout the planet . " Belarusian poetry all the depth, rooted in his native land. What do you think of our creators who thought in terms of truly planetary? "
Neil Gilevich: "That you said about zaglyblenasts Belarusian Belarusian poetry in dollars. And that Hungarian poetry least depth? Either Bulgarian, I know very well, the least depth? Fact, that every major poet, as offspring of their own land, will be immersed in the native roots of dollars of their own creativity. And, coupled with the fact, of course, it will belong Worldwide. After all, what is the concern of the world’s population, and it is a concern. "
Michas Scoble: "And yet, who among Belarusian poets navsled for Maxim Bogdanovich first fussed about human values? Since" we all fly together to the stars "?
Gilevich: "First of all Yanka Kupala. And of my contemporaries, who not only knowledge, and had the honor to be friends, call Maxim Tank. This poet euro level. But can we say that he did not state? No. Same Arkady Kuleshov — poet euro and global significance. I think so: every true poet, like whatever he was tied to his own small country, it certainly hurts to be hurt that hurts all people, wherever they live across planet. "
Scoble: "Remember Kolosov," How much talent has been reduced, how many and where is … "A it must, so professional poet held? What additions to the talent needed? "
Gilevich: "There is something very fundamental and important, without which talent is fulfilled, not unfold in all its force. Real talent and should be a real civilian talent. But I wish to highlight the taste. I believe that the taste — it is something very fundamental. If there is no taste, no help and talent. And Belarusian poetry can give good examples. Say Anton Belevich or Misha Masharov. From God, the nature of them was given a poetic talent. And taste is not developed. Means: not enough trained not got hold of a genuine culture in general, aesthetic culture, literary. Read their stuff, see: somewhere flicker professional line, successful image. But in general, things are not. Taste did not help, no taste in humans. And working example: Misha Streltsov. He had the perfect taste. "
Scoble: "After all searches Belarusian calendar, after the abolition of some prazdnichkom and the introduction of other dates that you celebrate?"
Gilevich: "The main thing for me prazdnichek — Freedom day on March 25. Then — an old folk prazdnichkom — New Year, Christmas, Easter, Radunitsa, Midsummer, Santa. Prazdnichek Def
enders of the Fatherland … I would have celebrated it, but why it falls on February 23? If it had on September 8! Amazing day — we defended the Fatherland! My God, what would it be good prazdnichek! I really would wish we had a day Ladies. But again — why is there any German politician decided to celebrate March 8? There are questions here. Because I try to be courteous in these days are, but I can not accept these dates to the heart, as I take a huge prazdnichkom our folk. "
Scoble: "What poetry now hear our listeners from the creator?"
Gilevich "read poems that I was most worried and worried that more hurt and continues to hurt. We Belarusian poets, now obsessed with this case here, we live it and we must it mattersbe in each historical era, especially in such a historical era in which live Now we, Belarusians ".
Neil Gilevich. From verse in recent years
Cry exile home
Either morning or south, or evening, Wherever I go, nor set foot — No trace of that everlasting That blood love love!
Not a word in the language of the people! There was no sound in the language of the land! Pribludy, mankurt, zvyrody Almost daastatku reduced.
From thoughts in my heart grows cold. View of the cog moat. Nachalnichki Lord! Where I live Through your kindness?
Where, in which the government, in reality, and as if in a dream, in death, and dishonor on izymatelstvo You kicked me out of the house?
Where connecting colluding Every trash and filth, With my country — from Belarus Belarus expelled the You?
Do not fret! ..
Do not fret, dear teacher, What of school curricula and textbooks Song-Duma real poet Vydyavbayuts as harmful pests.
Vydyavbayuts with the same hatred, As once, on a bloody pradvesni, kite that hung out here navissyu, Vydyavbali Kupala songs.
Vydyavbayuts! .. And who will stand up? Who will rise? Who will defend? Pure white rabbit under bushes slopes. The bell in the tower rings NOT numb.
Hum do not call … Yes, though sad By potholes stretch weekdays not fret, dear teacher: Sincere song does not disappear from the prodigal.
With those programs that are waging war as warriors for freedom — no decree They do not remove! If even the vultures pick out tomorrow heart of the poet.
Henchmen and footnotes! Sell, yes Know Owls: The time will come — Kalinowski you one day will raise NIGHT MODE.
No, he will not hang, even a finger, he will not touch you. Exclusively in the eye pasvetsits: Who do you like — take a look.
Again *** abomination empty words! And again with the screen frame closely some obscure type of protein shine intimidating.
And again yelling about Belarus, Say: I love and am proud But in his sight, for some reason it is quite unknown in Belarus.
Well, that at least from the land that all implicated in affection, kindness, for warmth, on dreams, light, as in the parable.
About Belarus yells, but as long I have had to listen to — that at least one small characters, which is the voice of Belarus.
That though that from that soul, That all zbalelasya pain, giving thanks for the violence, for the offense of paying love.
Oh, my edge! You delivered as Icon — enough for half the world. Besides this raised destiny. Neuzh it will take besides this?
Ballad of Vanka I Manko
Vanka and Manka, So as not to spoil relations with a rich neighbor, We decided to give her a house I live in it under a canopy. Well klutz!
How will they live there? Popular thing: both winter cry: "Where is our hut? And where is our stove? And what did we do to you? Well klutz!"
After — Okolelov. I accept their dollars. I put them to cross with a note: "Vanka and Manka. Had their own home And people die under a canopy. Well klutz!"
EVEN WITH pulpit
Good God! Even from the pulpit Blaslavlyaetstsa mandatory cross — Not Freedom, not the sanctity of the Law, And the souls of the Belarusian mayhem.
What kind of unity he says — This recognizable Reverend priest? Villain hand knits rope that putting a wreath on the altar.
About spirituality which broadcasts? About which morality is buzzing? Villain destroys people’s language And I plyambu puts mouth.
The banner under which the holy He sings — and so I grabbed? Dirty villain, Dirty On the fifth sanctuary has arrived!
Why then, as if the smoke from the censer, let in fog yagamosts? So I forgot that Russia — This is Russia?
In vain, in vain zealous monk! Belarus on the planet — one. Our forefathers perished in the struggle not sweat, so she zgibela.
And then, that contrary to the will of someone inhuman violence, blind, and has increased its accumulated temper Under the banner holy.
A MUST, A must …
Belarusian business Need guys do not anyhow, and the glory. Business needs to be adored!
Tsyapam-lyapam hastily, and a whole group We do not build properly Belarusian our house.
And should the same, and so it should be lined up to World Masters Belarus zyazhzhavsya welcome.
A must, and must submit their honor So — That the house of Belarus entered God bless.
Alla Semenova
"Painter — about the artist"
Victor Karamazov. Gate: the story. Madeline. "Knigosbor" 2006. 126 pages, 16 color. illustrations.
A painting. Here painter connects nasloyvae organizes huge number of plans, addiction, ideas, definitions, transformations … Alive and effective shmatznachnasts … How vyslavits its performance on the type? In another sign system, the other system images? Vlas Doroshevich critic professional and ironic, mentioned that even Venus Miloskuyu can be described as follows: "no defects in addition is not available, the forces developed normally, but, unfortunately, not enough hands."
Need aesthetic sense. I speak about the ability of their own experiences. I certain knowledge. I read the ability to decipher the code art — bright, figuratively, curious. Feel the idea and emotion. In the book about the artist, in the novel, biography, novels, biographies — make the figure of the artist, show personality, tell us about the mystery of creativity, to find certain images, pictures, join the conversation about the spiritual life of the artist and his work, which is so close: the philosophy and search for mental and emotional stress, and physical effort — at times languid.
It manages to writer Victor Karamazov. Namely — the story "Brahma", which was published by the publishing house "knigosbor" stories about famous Belarusian artist Gabriel Vashenko. "Brahma" — not the first book of delicious prose and brilliant essayist of visual artists. Previously been "Cross on earth and the moon in the sky" — about V. Byalynitsky-Birula, "Anton" — about a follower of this famous painter Anton Barhatkova. Prepared for printing a book about the life and work 1st most exquisitely poetic, irrefutably, charming in its own nostalgia for the romance of a manor and estates of the XIX century — Stanislav Zhukovsky.
Incidentally, it’s nice to feel here and some of his "are thrown" "three money." At that time, when in the journal "Neman" were colored inset, in the "History, culture, civilization," I ordered Victor Filimonavichu text of Byalynitsky-Birulya. And he wrote a novel … As it turned out, and most Karamazov were also familiar with the brush inspired Studi — in the open air and in the studio criteria. Apparently, this also contributed to the creative writer’s fortunes. But before that, I think, was a prerequisite for their ability to own spiritual and creative experience to find in the coordinate system of another creative experience, find an artistic sense in height spiritual attainments in imanentnastsi improvisations in the rigid discipline of spices. And the facts of biography — external and internal, svyadomasna certain.
It’s all about and the biographical novel "Brama", where we will find the specifics of contemporary and creative way Gabriel
Vashenko and artistic reflection on the nature of his work, and Professor, writers (art) and art historical analysis of paintings. Analysis catchy, imaginative, informative, philosophical saturated.
I would like to highlight — this is still the only case in our Belarusian creative practice: a master of words — about visual artists. Case happy. After all, those who read the "Gateway", and subjected to genetic and spiritual origins of the artist’s vocation — this in a book written and impressively on the highest notes, which is not unnatural saslizgvae in pathos, and tells the story in the language of the soul, when the essence of form and achieve harmony .
Heavenly symbol archangel Gabriel was once heard. And feel accepted by the sound of his silver pipe …
We learn about the roots polis’ky Vashenko Gabriel and his Studi in Kiev and Lviv, about his amazing teachers. I about Gabriel Vashenko-teacher and artist at once. "I taught the young, and they taught me" — quote Victor Karamazov artist. And again designate words of the artist facing the students, the one irrefutable suadnosnasts intuition and professional knowledge and habits, inspiration and calculation: "Your standard — artistic intuition, and you refer to Michelangelo Yes, intuition is a genius … I do not see you everywhere accurately calculated forms and compositions? Shastsimetrovy giant "David" stands for one frame intuition? "
Victor Karamazov say about the "harmony of the wing, the earth and sky", "paint from life, but he wrote and what did not fit into a certain shape. Abstract thought. It cleansing and enlightenment."
Tongued writer outlines and appearance, creating many works of Mr. Vashenko. Eminent "Tsyklyameny." Not much on the time honored genre — naturmort. And yet, and medal was received and acquired Tratstsyakovka picture … And Victor Karamazov gave us to feel the element of creativity, inspiration prisoner, spells, lack of colors, the flight of thought and imagination, where the colors are alive, "a sense of spring," that of "power own inner vision." "Samapartret soul" artist.
Writer Victor Karamazov can not only feel, and work visually convey meaning, the smell of his mood … Paintings: "March", "Harvest", "My Polessye", "Bread" … Stained Cinema House (current and former Church of St. Simon and Lena), painting "Enlightenment" in the Teacher … I designate pen Craftsman Vashenko Gabriel — painter, philosopher, educator … And from time to time and the architect and superintendent, and handyman …
I sower. Fighter. One that resets the mask behind the mask of the mighty "padtsarka" padsvechvayuchy on the clock in the picture coming true colors. The one point: people and the forest — shocked war element. Those that see the following failures village ladies …
I man-traveler … Enamored of Belarus, her land, her landscapes … Her sky … Infatuated with native Polessye … Victor Karamazov show us the artist’s travels native land with their loved ones, with his wife and offspring. Ably remember about kinship, aspirations, measured neadmennasts relations … "Watercolor travel" …
Woodland … Endless doom … Endless satisfaction … Last minute beauty of Genesis … Painting "Brahma". I unending pain — painting "Star Wormwood."
I thought … Reflections … As for this kind of … Where "young, hot, red and white outdoors figures stallions." Very nature, the nature of the identity of the artist Gabriel Vashenko … What felt professionally and professionally presented to the reader painter Victor Karamazov in his own story "Brahma".

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