In the past year have gone to rest in Cuba 700 Belarusians

In This year on tourist exhibition a huge part of the proposals — the prices in euros.

Maid invite clients of travel agencies

The Representative of the tourist organizations of the Union of Businessmen and Employers named Kunyavsky Mrs. Anna notes that the Belarusian tourists as ever popular Bulgaria, Turkey, Egipet, Tunisia and Montenegro:
"At these countries pain just to get a visa. Montenegro without any visa, Bulgaria makes no problems, Romania too. Very problematical country this year, surprisingly, this is Lithuania and Poland. I think that this year there will dramatically decrease the flow of tourists. Was virtually impossible to open a visa. You’re strongly little travel agencies accredited under these embassies. "

Have you signed up for "Stalin Line"?

One of the panels at the exhibition presents historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line". The prices here are the lowest. As for the guests …
"A lot of students, many of the trade unions from different organizations. Also on the complex kids can ride on the ATV. Can ride a catamaran and eat very savory soldier’s porridge," — says an employee of the complex.
By the way, in the middle of services on "The Strip Stalin" — riding armored personnel carriers, worth 10 thousand rubles.
Another exotic Shield is Cuba — not yet very popular among Belarusians, because only ticket costs 1,000 euros.
"For you 2006, according to statistics, Cuba has left 700 people from Belarus. Naturally, this drop in the ocean compared with Russia and Ukraine, but the enthusiasm is," — says a representative of the Cuban tour operators.

Tours to Cuba Cuban offer Russian woman th

A significant portion of tourism exhibition occupy offers inbound tourism, but offers little in these boards.
I talked to Lyudmila Furman, representative of the Sports and Tourism of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee. According to her, a very popular could be two, three day tour to the border areas of the Grodno region, but:
"People come here to the places where they once lived, where their homeland. And then there is the problem with the boundary. And it happens that the person who wishes come only on weekend days are, These days are stands on the border. "

One of the big boards holds "TsentarKurort" Office of the President

Dr. Albrecht Shtaynike German partner in the German-Belarusian tourist project «Tempus», in an interview with "Freedom" noted that Belarusian travel agents to work in a more stringent criteria than their European employees:
"In my opinion, the main problem is Belarus as a tourist area does not yet exist in the minds of Western consumers. Need to do the proper steps to Belarus became known. As for the fact of the tourist industry, it is the memory that in the last couple of years, came a significant development. Prof. Rose level of those working in this market. "
Lily Kobzik, chief editor of "Tourism and Recreation", notes that the expected downturn in the tourism market did not work:
"We litsezreem it. Many offers. Maybe that will be more expensive holiday. What will hit of the season? Naturally, Turkey. Turkey will be as what to say, her much — means nothing to say. There is a measured layer of people who do something for yourself do not buy, a private used car, but the rest will go. "
In Belarus today tourism services offer 616 companies.

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