In Ukraine, there is a concentration of political will

"Yushchenko had no ability to maneuver"
Tsigankov: "April 2 President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko issued a decree to dissolve parliament, the Verkhovna Rada and announced the date for new elections. Was it, in your opinion, is the right decision and the only way for the Ukrainian president is either malapradumany and impulsive move?"
Portnikov: "We can assume that on the basis of the legal opinion, the constitutional president of this step was not thought out and can have severe consequences for him. But on the basis of political opinion in Yushchenko special abilities to maneuver was not. He realized that if the ruling coalition Verkhovna Rada acquire constitutional majority (300 votes), it is almost to deprive him of the ability to influence the situation. So this step may be referred to the President of Ukraine risky maneuver. "
Tsigankov: "Do you agree with those views, that" anti-crisis coalition "Yushchenko has left almost no options, started to behave, we can say brazenly? Either they did not destroy a certain balance, very began to pull the blanket over the government? "
Portnikov "You could say that the anti-crisis coalition led by Yanukovych decided to consolidate all power in his own hands. But this is due not only to the fact that she started behave cheeky, and the fact that Yushchenko replaced in order to negotiate with the coalition began to negotiate with Yulia Tymoshenko. But Yushchenko and Tymoshenko alliance would allow the President to deprive the ruling coalition. Because then the president could veto laws, and Parliament would never veto it not overcome. So that any party has sought to restrict the ability of their opponents. "
Tsigankov: "Anatoly, as you will appreciate the decision of President Victor Yushchenko to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada?"
Lyabedzka: "If not from a legal perspective, everything looks perfect, from the political point of view, Yushchenko was a huge selection. He looked like a politician who remained to a large extent, if not alone, then in a very limited political space. He was surrounded by" reddish flags ", and every funny day they became more. Prolong the time — means to lose the political initiative, and means and the political prospects not only for him but also for the whole of Ukraine. "
Tsigankov: "I remind our listeners that Anatoly Lebedko was in 2004 at the Kiev Maidan played there before multi-million mass. Anatoly or thought then, after the victory of the Orange forces in 2004, the situation in Ukraine will develop in such a Makarov? "
Lyabedzka: "If read on time, it must be emphasized that the very strong feelings for their own political age, I felt there specifically on the Maidan. When several hundred thousand people shouting "Belarus!" — You know, what were the emotions. As for the future, they looked right and positive pro-European. Chance that Ukrainian politicians have been tremendous, and they ordered them not the best way. Belarusian politicians need to learn the lessons of Ukraine. We intend to hold a round table on this fact, but let him come, then again there are any action. "
The European choice and authoritarian system of government?
Tsigankov "Anatoly Lebedko began to read the lessons of Ukraine. Indeed, as justified parallels between current events in Ukraine and the events of 1993 in Russia, and Belarus in 1996, when there was a confrontation between the President and the Supreme Council. "
Portnikov: "And in Russia and in Belarus during a confrontation between the president and the parliament it was a conflict between with 2 branches of government — executive and legislative. Currently in Ukraine there is no such, because against President Yushchenko act and the legislative and executive power — is a completely different situation. President does not have the ability to provide cash for new elections without the consent of the parliament and the government, the ability to control the disbursement region it either. If after a while bureaucrats and citizens will make sure that the Decree of the President Yushchenko not over Declaration, the situation will not look because in Russia or Belarus. "
Tsigankov: "In 1993 in Russia and 1996 in Belarus, the struggle was not only between branches of government, and between ideological opponents, supporters of different ideologies and ways of development own states. Can I say that at the moment we litsezreem it in Ukraine? "
Portnikov "On the one hand, this first struggle between political clans. On the other, of course, that one of these clans ideological states of the European choice, the other — on the need to more closely ties with Russia. But the group, which says about the European choice, protects a system of government (the political advantage of the President), which more resembles Russia and Belarus. And the group that says the need for more closely ties with Russia, protects the system of government (parliamentary democracy), which brings Ukraine to the European Union.
In such a contradiction is now Ukraine. If overcome presidential power, our future is like Russia after 1993. And so Ukraine can read about Europe, but not to get there. But if you lose the presidential powers Ukrainian political system is a similar to the European, but this will not get Ukraine into the European Union, as the values that profess these forces, they are not European. "
Belarusian propaganda — "Why fight if it does not lead to stability?"
Lyabedzka: "Belarus in 1996 was the question right, or we return to the Russian Alliance or go to European values. Supporters then lost the second approach. Litsezreem We huge difference in the concentration of political will. Ukraine it is, can be due to the fact that ended step of structuring society, have the exact political and economic interests. Belarus if policies are not considered street as a very important factor, although just could not work on the street adherents change. "
Tsigankov: "As today’s actions in Ukraine will have an impact on the situation in Belarus? They can be used as the democratic opposition and the authorities, the official propaganda? "
Lyabedzka: "I almost feel a physical level, as mills mill falls waterfall Belarusian Belarusian official propaganda. Will new round, the new series, and will be the main message -" Why fight, go to the street, if it does not lead to stability and economic growth? ". Ukrainian events will scare Belarusian tradesman.
And the second lesson is now Belarus negotiation process simply unfeasible. If Ukraine is not able to agree Yushchenko, Yanukovych and those behind them, it must be admitted that Lukashenko — is not Kuchma, not Yanukovych. He just never sit at the table of the real negotiation process, he may engage in imitation. "

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