In Venezuela, forbade trade alcohol for Easter

"Do not dry law!"
Many Venezuelans were flegmantichnymi to countless urged Chavez to make a "new man" in the process of socialist revolution. But today the government’s decision to ban the sale of alcohol during the Easter prazdnichkom called an ambulance and rather not a good reaction inhabitants. Opposition newspapers have criticized this measure, disgruntled businessmen, many cars appeared inscription "Do not dry law!".
By Easter algagol can only sell from 10 am to 5 pm, but on Thursday the sale of all untainted spirits completely banned in Venezuela, only on Saturday will be made exception for a few hours a day or in the first half.
Private owners: ban violates freedom of enterprise
Meanwhile Venezuelans tend to have a vacation at Easter and leave to rest on several days. It is estimated that the ban on alcohol sales will bring millions in losses to suffer first clubs and other nightlife, is under threat many jobs. Entrepreneurs try to fight restrictions on the sale of alcohol through the Tribunal and argue their position that the ban violates freedom of enterprise.
The government justifies this step the number of accidents on the roads of Venezuela, which sharply increases the other day and during the Easter prazdnichkom. 26 million Venezuelans — the largest in Latin America, beer lovers. Alcohol in Venezuela — an integral part of daily life, and it affects the movement of cars. In Venezuela, nobody hits that at the end of the week you can build car drivers drunk, with a beer in hand.
The reason for the increasing number of cars — a cheap petrol
The number of cars in Venezuela also increases — only in the capital, Caracas, in This year the number of cars increased by 75 thousand compared with previous year. Gasoline in Venezuela indescribable deshevenky — full tank costs less than 1 euro and it became one of the causes of growth in vehicle numbers.
Habit control drunk, such makarom, becomes moreth problem. Because during Easter prazdnichkom government increment by 27% the number of police officers on duty to work on the streets, as though the sale of alcohol during prazdnichkom will be limited, not drinking alcohol is forbidden.

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