In Vilnius will find Democratic nominee for Belarus

Conference organizers are counting on the fact that Vilnius will completely modify all draft documents that would later adopt the Congress of Democratic Forces.
It first final edition of the "Little Constitution" economic platform and strategy.
Favorite reads BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"As for documents, then there is no problems. There were little things. More fundamental — personnel and organizational matters, in other words, to be coordinated by the coalition after the Congress. "
This supports the idea candidate of historical sciences, political analyst Alexei Lord:
"Convening Congress rests just in organizational matters and in the model of the organization — either centralized or decentralized? I follower decentralized.
Centralized model has previously laid Milinkevich and defined it as follows: the chairman is elected, that has extended rights in including for the purpose of people to positions of leadership, the formation of Staff of the Political Council, etc.
Septic — when there is coordination, coordinated solutions. And in this case it was still offer sustarshynyavats or enter on a rotational basis presidency. "
Managing the Minsk regional organization of the United civilian Party Leo Margolin presents at the conference of regional favorites. He’s glad to Vilnius invited activists from the province:
"Not in vain as they say: the more heads, the more thoughts. I think that the main issue is to conduct a new Congress of Democratic Forces. Meanwhile develops some ambiguous situation: with one side, there are documents that need to be taken in the Congress and go with them to the people.
On the other hand, for some reason, somehow inhibited. I hope that those who are still hesitating or unwilling to participate in the Congress, there can be assure ".

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