In Warsaw memorialize grandfather Paul Sevyarinets

Visiting the cemetery where Belarusians actually started from the morning — was necessary visit the graves in different parts of the Polish capital. Belarusians, and it was mostly young people — students and graduates — commemorated Minsk Belarusian Uniate priest and activist Vaclav Anoshko buried at Warsaw, then General Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich and success, the former manager of the Yankees GMS Navagrudak Zhamoytina.
Member states share Anastasia Ilina.
Ilina: "This is our history. First Global War, Second, later immigration. So it turned out that many Belarusians buried in Warsaw, Poland and elsewhere. "
In This year young Belarusians living in Warsaw, also made a discovery — according to Anastasia Ilina, buried in the Polish capital is also the great-grandfather of Paul Sevyarinets — Orthodox priest, Father Mitro — The world Misha Bucko.
Around each grave were read prayers and lighted candles.

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