In Warsaw, the Belarusian Culture Week begins

Belarusian Culture Week "Minsk Mixt" a unique concert will begin, during which the "dinosaurs" of Belarusian rock music Varshakeivch Igor, Sergei Trukhanovich Pete Pavlov, perform acoustic versions of worship songs Belarusian rock.
"The audience will be opportunity to talk with the musicians, which is unrealistic in time ordinary concert. Can be ask, listen to the story, for example, the development of one way or another songs, "- says Vlad Mihnevich, Polish fund manager" Belarusian Initiative "- the head organizer of events.
Within weeks of the Belarusian culture is another unique date — pipers from Poland and Belarus. Mihnevich continues:
"Once upon a time without bagpipes did not break any marriage, funeral or a friendly party gty instrument was an integral part of the Belarusian music. We invited musicians from Poland and Belarus, that they looked, compared their tools can be started to cooperate."
Part of the Belarusian Culture Week activities will be held in Warsaw galerei "Zoe", which acts as a co-organizer of the event.
"We love and are passionate about topics related to Belarus, so they decided to join. Lee will fall celebration residents of the capital? Do not know if initially see and appreciate themselves," — says the owner of the gallery Darek Zhukovsky.
Noteworthy that the main sponsor of the Week Belarusian Culture in Warsaw acted embassy kingdom of the Netherlands.
The festive opening of the Week of the Belarusian culture and Belarusian Concert: Thursday, April 12, 18.00, club "Harenda", ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie, 4/6

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