Inhabitants Khoyniki and Narovlia complain bad health

Dzerzhinsk village situated on the southern outskirts of Narovlya. From her hand to apply to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Once lived in the village for about 3 hundred people now — seven 10-s. Jamila Lvinskaya that prescribes post here about health Dzerzhinsky expressed subsequent manner:
"What health here! What kids that adults that elderly people … Many health anybody. Everyone something sick. Pressure from inflated and old and small — all suffer. I think it’s not normal . "
According Lvinskay, Dzerzhinsky bad bind their own health with exposure to radiation, which settled here after Chernobyl.
The village belongs to Hrakavichy Bragin district, but also not far from Chernobyl. Svetlana Zaluzhny at the time of the tragedy was 17 years old. At the moment — 38. Ask how Chernobyl affected health?
"It has an impact. Indeed, I am very taken ill. Now I ankalegiya. I think this is due to Chernobyl. Thyroid almost all. Any differences are at all. I, for example. Toddlers weak. Heads ache, blood nose is many. Also, if the school to "line" are, then there is no "rule", so she did not lose consciousness of the baby. "
Hoinikskii area also comes in a number of victims of the Chernobyl explosion. In the district hospital dwellers often turn dirty settlements. Whether their disease associated with exposure to radiation naughty? Deputy Head Dr. Malgorzata Yavash:
"It is very difficult question. We have over the last 20 years very manye changed. And a person is under the influence of different reasons, and not only Chernobyl. I only I can tell that over the past 20 years asoh something special dynamics that or any other I do not see the side. Right track statistics are difficult. "
Inhabitants Khoyniki district have more definite judgment. Valentine works here Polesskoe radiation reserve and is convinced that the disease of the local people first Radiation:
"It’s clear as day. I worked 12 years in the reserve. So I ache all over. I about yourself now I say that without the invalid certificate. Once left to live here, then you need to feed the kids. Who we are needed?"

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