Instead of benefits — Targeted social assistance

Economist Mike Zaleski commissioned by the Global Bank in 2000 wrote the book "Targeted social assistance." He is convinced:
"Certainly, in all statesah, there are people who need help. But consider the benefits for specific categories. There is a fully civilized example — Estonian (same in all countries have troops — and in America, and in Estonia): here’s your budget, within budget although monuments for themselves golden place, but within the limits of the budget spent for you. Do for yourself and free travel and free apartments. And we always: "And the members of their families." "My brother and I to Nochka" as in the Belarusian joke. "

"Completely civilized example — Estonian!"

The whole idea about the transition to address the benefit system is very faithful, says economist Alexander Chubrik. As for benefits less protected categories Chubrik Alexander says:
"I do not think that seniors, veterans, Chernobyl occupy a huge share of budget expenditures on benefits. Because these groups likely, will not touch. Hard to imagine being that the contemporary rhetoric about winning and so on authorities otvazhutsya go for such a move. "
Economist Mike Zaleski confident: "We need to be so: there is a certain limit of economical help. I appeal for some support as a pensioner. I’ll make a decision on what I was missing."

"On social justice, these measures do not lead!"

Reporter: "And these steps, that at the moment made — they will lead to social justice? "
"I will say at once briefly: no lead! — Responsible Zaleski. — They will lead to a huge perturbation and resentment in society. As if we divide by categories of beneficiaries, we have a huge amount of leaves and a huge number of categories: 300 different categories of beneficiaries. This does not mean that all nothing. they are different. fundamentally — ideology. Ideology remains a communist. "

Lion’s share of benefits — this payment vouchers to sanatoriums, rest homes, healing

According to this ideology (and the Ministry of Statistics) that the lion’s share of benefits — this payment vouchers to sanatoriums, rest homes, healed. The main part of the highest-paid vouchers received groups. Exemptions should only receive socially vulnerable groups, says economist Alexander Chubrik:
"Bottlenecking faster in categories such benefits as trips to sanatoriums, healing, on medication too. Faster This applies not ordinary people, such categories of beneficiaries, bureaucrats, production director, the same security forces."
It is understood that very bill benefits from streamlining will be adopted by the House of Representatives in late May.
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