Integration of the Su-35 — what is it and why?

Integration of the Su-35 - what is it and why?

Who Fighter 4 + + generation Su-35 — one of the most advanced and reliable in the world, very close to the specimen of the next generation. And he had no diseases of South American F-22, because of which the creation of the aircraft stopped. Our pilots have mastered flying the Su-35, two or three years in the first cabin peresyadut new aviation complex 5th generation PAK FA (T-50).

About the features of a fighter coming into service, the correspondent of «IEE» Viktor Myasnikov questioned the general director of the aggregation «United Aircraft Company» Viktor Polyakova, who previously worked as deputy director of OJSC «Company» Sukhoi » and worked on the avionics

— Viktor Borisovich explain to readers of «IEE» that such aggregation? And as this concept was implemented on the Su-35.

— Su-35 — it’s a plane, on a number of grounds close to the 5th generation. For example, he single cabin, and, most importantly, built board. On airplanes past generations pilot worked separately with each system — optics locator. Second pilot would pick up a whole series of regimes. The issue of integration was not. He appeared only 10 years back, when started programm PAK FA. Then all participants in the process — and design, and research institutes, and equipment developers agreed that all systems should be integrated into a single system, in other words, complexed, and better in a single center. Since all complex systems must provide mental support pilot.

When we came across this practice, it appears that no one else, except for «Sukhoi» this function can not take over. Some suppliers do not want to share technology, others are not able to make methods for non-core systems. So we were obliged to actually do it. And all agreed that the integrator will be the developer himself aircraft.

— But the big global corporations give this function contractors — special companies. Airbus, for example, only final assembly for themselves leaves, stitching complete systems in one board.

— This is not quite the right idea. We closely cooperate with the French company Thales on a number of projects and know perfectly well how it works abroad. Thales delivers «iron» for Airbus. But only «iron», all the methods, programs already prescribed aircraft manufacturers. And it is in civilian aviation, and we are talking about the military, where the system even more complex. After all, our Su-35 and higher speeds, and more subsystems, and only one pilot. We started in this scheme to work directly for the Yankees, taking into account their experience of the F-22 and F-35. We took the idea, but avoid their mistakes. Since Americans have integrated very much. Primary data processing also brought in the «core» and it stung. We acted differently, we left in the primary treatment of most primary systems. And they took second, tactical level integration. And it won on the basis of belief terms, risks, etc., although, certainly, in this embodiment, we could not bring any special modes.

— Some media reported that the development of the Su-35 appeared the problem with the SI-35 GSP. Like, did it «Aeropribor-Sunrise», the «brains» prescribed TsAGI and «dry» for something began modifying soft stuffing …

— To begin explain what SI GSP — a system of measuring air speed performance. Previously, these functions do pitot pressure were located in the nose of the aircraft. SI GSP — is a high level, the subsequent generation, if you will. In 1-x, and the principle of placing different acts four transmitter-receiver, in each of which there are three and one pressure sensor of the static pressure sensor. Receivers are placed on the two converters to port and starboard top and bottom of the axis of symmetry of the aircraft. And on the basis of these 16 measurements are calculated pressure at any angle of attack flight mode, slip angles, speed, altitude, vertical speed. In other words not only the characteristics of the air, and data management, which are displayed in the cockpit and used in the control plane.

In fact management techniques «Sukhoi» always making himself. «Iron» other companies are doing, but «mathematics» developed by us and adjusted to meet the tests. Since none aerodynamic model in «pipe» can not give these values ​​airflow characteristics of the aircraft. Scale another pipe it and there is a pipe. By the same terms that are offered TsAGI test this aircraft had been completely unacceptable — this year! And we have the state defense order, which can not disrupt.

— They say, with a similar system at helicopter Ka-52 problems were not.

— Inaccurate comparison. Hard to associate the truck and race car. In other helicopters puzzles, other speeds. Difficulties in measuring the air-speed characteristics usually appear on transonic — at speeds in the range of 980-1470 km per hour. It is important to emphasize all these systems that previously existed on all fighters, cut Transzvuk simply «cut» Automatic temporarily turned off because of pressure throws scamper to interfere with the management process. The only plane on which it is unable to overcome — Su-35. But this came in handy a number of test flights, the collection of data on the basis of which we have registered the entire method. And on the PAK FA, by the way, used the experience of the Su-35.

— 6 Su-35, passed in 2012, the Municipal Flight Test Center (glycyl), presently vorachivayutsya the factory and are not transmitted to the troops. What is the reason?

— Yes, vorachivayutsya. Why? This is more of early versions of the aircraft. We need to introduce improvements made, and most importantly, the version of «arithmetic» will be updated. This is a common procedure to industrial criteria planes lead to the ranks in 2013. A year later on planes that are released in 2013, also «Mathematics» will be replaced, as the aircraft develops, expands its functionality, weapons increases.

— It turns out that the plane was still being finalized, but all this has already been delivered to the troops. What’s the rush?

— This is not a rush, and ordinary practice. For example, the Su-27 at the time of adopting a couple of years supplied the troops and successfully operated. With all this we have updated three times and introduced arithmetic desired improvements. The Su-30MKI is also supplied to a foreign customer with the following stages bringing all previously delivered aircraft to the final canonized. And if you talk about the Su-35: if the plane was unreliable, we would not allow anyone to supply it to the troops. The fact that 12 boards gave the 23rd Fighter Wing Composite Air Division 3rd Air Force Command and Air Defense, do not perceive something sensational: it is based on one airfield with producer. But the place we do not elect the dislocation, and the military. Speaking of reliability: The Su-35 is not the first time in Akhtubinsk fly back and across the country under its own power, and it is a thousand miles.

— It is clear that in the 4th Center aviation training (CPA) in Lipetsk any machine until set. But there specifically designed programs from training and instruction for use in combat.

— This is the decision of the Ministry of Defence. With regard to the Lipetsk center is anticipating serial delivery of aircraft in 2013, their pilots have learned from us. After which it lipchane taught pilots at the air base «Dzemgi». And then again the same dzemginskie we had practice on different boards. Moreover, Lipetsk and dzemginskie pilots were previously we Zhukovsky two weeks training and made 4-6 solo flight, ie quite rapidly mastered the machine. And all of it very much.

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