International situation push Ukraine to the decision to merge with Russia and Belarus (1997)

"Dziennik Kresowy" in 1927 reported:
"Grodno and the county May 1 day passed very quietly. Prazdnichek labor celebrated the local Committee of the Polish Socialist Party, graduated from the Academy in Grodno theater, during which speeches by Messrs. Skowronski, and Antushevicha Padvinskaga was adopted resolution: 1. in the dissolution of the town council and 2. in the new elections in Kos mutual. In the county, except for a few arrests of Communists, which grabbed the hot when they hung out banners with anti-government slogans, reigned absolute peace. "
In 1967, the "Voice of the Motherland," writes about the catastrophe of cosmic "Soyuz-1":
"… The ship has successfully passed the heavier portion of the braking in the dense layers of the atmosphere and absolutely extinguished the first of cosmic speed. But when you open the main parachute canopy on syamikilametrovay adjustment, according to preliminary data, as a result of twisting lines of cosmic ship parachute coming down with a high speed, which was prerequisite for the death of Vladimir Komarov. "
"The international situation will cause a new balance of power in the arena — predicts the pages of" Stars "in 1997 Veronica astronomers Kudryavtseva. — Specifically, it will push Ukraine closer to the decision to merge with Russia and Belarus in 2002-2003. As foreshadowed Nemchina Basil, "three branches merge." But it will fundamentally brand new form of statehood … Processes "grinding" will be held for 6 years — such term association. "

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