Ira Dubenetsky: I believe in the meaning of

If bad when the world collapsed, if the argument is NOT upsets pain with wind and the sun is not able to dry eyes — I believe in a sense. If the logic does not work, hopes and expectations are not realized, and I did not realize why my so harmonically and painstakingly organized universe fails — I believe in the meaning.
I believe that even if not at the moment, but usvoyu what happened, why it happened, I get lost in what ways this hopelessness, this weakness, this keen sense of falling out with the palm of God, and which paths lead out of here. Or — even better — which previously unexplored ability to open and become visible as those highest star, visible only from the depths of funny day the well depth.
So can and made me into this abyss, that is something to behold, previously unseen, something to realize previously incomprehensible, something fundamental sense, without which the road ahead may not be agorany? Then bless his pain and his nyavtsyamnasts, and all that seems to defeat the cause is relevant. Since the pain — it’s just a pain, a symptom, not the disease itself, unmistakable signpost that helps to understand the internal turmoil crossroads. And nyavtsyamnasts — as in the formulation of the miracles of St. Augustine that not contradict nature, and our knowledge about it — will grow, perhaps the most down and become knowledge, the latest know new experience (and the experience is the most valuable asset, which none never take away from me). And outdoor background — this evidence of what actual election were prepared me, so I eventually got to where I was, and — most bolshennomu account — who I have here and now.
For there for everyone what’s happening, some sense of cosmic which design, due to its own intangible zvyshmashtabnastsi everyday vision. From time to time only at a distance of years and oceans inevitably assimilate the logic and necessity raschudesnye previous events or experiences, and from time to time and you do not learn, but all the same a vague feeling convinced that it was necessary — after all finally happened tribute way and came relief, and you were there, and where owed.
But this design is not due either to Providence. Its impossible to calculate. How the universe is created as its own relentless expansion each time-space point immediately above the design of human destiny continually designed, and all of its elements luchatstsa more complex, more subtle internal connections — in perfect harmony with bolshennymi and small elections, which simultaneously makes people .
After all, life — a creative act, unpredictable, as no matter what creativity. The universe, life is created in the process of life. With each time-space point of human existence are leading the way in a huge number of important trends, and any of them carries its potential meanings.
And no one can rob a man of his main gift — samastvarennya freedom, the freedom to choose kirunkak and decide "who I am". And no one can live in a person’s life — even if his free choice man renounces choice. And because only the person can find meaning and meaninglessness own life. And so on Actually sense, certainly not. In addition, that the man himself determines. In addition, in which one believes.
Ira Dubenetsky — the first and only one in Belarus lady doctor of theology. Studied and defended academic degrees in institutions of London and Leuven.

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