Ira Kozulin verify the truth of the prison administration

Kozulin Ira says that almost four months that they had not seen, had accumulated a lot of questions, learn which can be Only when we meet. But the meeting will be rather short — only three hours to talk through the glass. The main question — how are you feeling?
"In a day or received a letter from him, which I was very disappointed. Earlier we asked what to bring food transmission. And he replied that he did not need it, because almost nothing to eat. This is amazing. Previously, he listed what he needs and then, and then, and now nothing is not interested. I was very worried. I’m taking him vitamins, hoping to transfer them, and dry protein to enhance a meal. It’s all on the advice of doctors. "
On May 14, in the media, referring to the administration of the colony there were reports that Alexander Kozulin Tipo feels excellent, already working in their spare time playing football, misconduct has not. Of this information to relatives in the colony just confirmed Kozulin from 14th May started working, but what works — not specified. Other information Ira daughters going to check specifically during a meeting with Alexander Kozulin.
"Always doubt until I see with my own eyes and hear with our ears. Remember when Kozulin only transferred to the colony, in the Web report appeared, such catchy, like a summer camp. Seems to have such happiness that Kozulin got there."
In one of his last letters home, Alexander Kozulin wrote that attitude on the part of the prison administration have become more stringent. Frame it limited to walking, make obstacles to people with whom he is in contact. Ira Kozulin this information is also going to check out on a date.
The duty of the colony, which managed to get up, the details of the prisoner refused to say Alexander Kozulin.
Meanwhile Referee Central District Court dismissed Valery Esman Kozulin in consideration of his complaint to the prosecutor’s office of Minsk. Earlier politician called on prosecutors to bring a case Alexander Lukashenko According to his confession, the election results of 2006 he wasand rigged, but prosecutors refused. The complaint to the prosecutor’s office of the tribunal did not give the same result, said the public defender of Alexander Kozulin Igor Rinkevich.
"Referee Esman believes that to challenge the prosecutor’s acts should be treated the same prosecutor’s office."

Alexander Kozulin is in custody since March 25, 2006. The politician believes that he is being persecuted for political reasons. Several human rights organizations in the world have launched a campaign for the nomination of Alexander Kozulin on honorable title of "Man of the Year" in the midst of political prisoners.

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