Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov and President of «Irkut» Oleg Demchenko signed a second contract to supply the troops party multipurpose Su-30cm, in accordance with the criteria which «Irkut» 2016 will build for the Army for 30 aircraft of this type, the War Department said Wednesday.
First contract to supply the Ministry of Defence of the Party 30 Su-30cm by 2015, the parties signed on March 21 this year. Two aircraft have already been transferred to the Air Force on 22 November and at the present time are tested in the Municipal Flight Test Center of Defense named VP Chkalov.
«In accordance with the criteria of the contract, the company» Irkut » 2016 built for the Ministry of Defence (yet) 30 aircraft of this type, «- said in a statement.
Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said that in 2013 the Air Force expects to receive more than 10 Su-ka-30cm.
Multipurpose double Su-30cm, developed «Sukhoi», extends the range of combat aircraft Su-30MKI. The new fighter is adapted to the requirements of the Russian Air Force radar systems, telecommunications and municipal identification, ejection seat and a number of support systems. Also made the configuration of the weapons. Su-30cm commercially available Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Company» Irkut «.
Su-30cm has super maneuverability, resettled radar with a phased antenna array is able to use modern precision weapons and promising air-to-air and «air-surface». Not including combat missions, the aircraft can be used for training pilots of promising functional single super-maneuverable fighter.

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