J. Romanchuk or investment, or control

"It is the administrative magic, impossible. Indeed unrealistic to change the import of 27 billion dollars, as we depend on energoelementov, dependent on machines and other. Discussions about this evidence of misunderstanding basic economics. As for promises to keep under control the privatization and corporatization limit — it indicates, that Lukashenko unwilling to in the first wave of privatization was foreign capital. It will be under the Belarusian nomenklatura privatization under those people, have accumulated resources. Who is going to take and at what price, will not solve the market, and Administration of the President. So makarom, we litsezreem Union nomenclature and higher authority. Think this is done and in order to later nomenclature positively reacted to the election of Lukashenko in 2011. "
Yaroslav Romanchuk ranges that the statements on the control of foreign investors, they will invest in the Belarusian economy. "Or an investment or control" — says economist.

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