June alley memory …

Tsyganovich: "Walk we had. There, on the square. And presently all povyrezali. Erected buildings — and everything."
This pensioner Maria Tsyganovich. I talked with her on arrival in June. From the tip of the village move to the center.
Area here is called the center of town, the area in front of the executive committee.
At the moment, in an area of Chervene was only monument to Lenin.
The priest of the local evangelical church Misha Glushko sure to stand on the square remained long:
"Talking about, man to elevate and perpetuate his name, the Bible is strictly prohibited. I believe that Lenin will be removed not only from the area in June, and with the area around Government House. "
It is the monument of Lenin abandoned alley. I step on it and notice that there No half benches and lampposts knocked bulb. In the center alley — destroyed fountain.
Dweller June sire middle-aged Victor remembers how it looked in Russian Times:
"Here, where there is a" pure white house ", there was a building selgasupravlennya. Was an old Savings Bank. Where the machine is apparently white plates — all hung foremost." Maybe they do not need him! Foremost we did not. Exclusively in the newspaper. "
Reporter: "In Chervene were oil?"
"There there, where the area. Alleys, standing monuments to Stalin, Lenin Komsomol, warriors" …
I talk to a local historian, former teacher, retired Vladimir Daraguzham:
"This alley was built in the midst of the 80s. They made fountain, he did not act. Absorb-made klyumbu. Later in the 80s made the new fountain — svyatlomuzychny. But he" fought "shock, it stopped, people stripped lining. here at this place where we stand, was the first brick building. There was a church. During the 30 years she was killed. Here is a cemetery of priests. "
And now with Vladimir Daraguzham we are on the outskirts of June Tsagelnya tract. Here in the days of Stalin’s repressions shot more than 4 thousand people.
"I remember being here, on this side — queue queue queue" enkavedeshnikov. "In short, the whole road was made flesh. And especially many corpses were on the edge."
Vladimir Daraguzh Chervensky house painter and culture Gennady Matoussevitch in 1989 found this place. Induced order here. Gennady Matoussevitch carved wooden statues in memory of the shot.
At the moment, our eyes I see scattered debris and empty bottles of liquor.
Sovereign Daraguzh states that the inhabitants of the spring in June selected area on the kebabs.
After such outings ethnographer scavenges. But cleanliness is kept short. Until next weekend.

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