Just Does Belarus divorce?

Divorce can be exclusively in the courts. Earlier, when the couple had no kids and common property claims could divorce in the registry office.
Now even if spouses have no kids, they all the same need to seek divorce through the tribunal. But such a situation acts facilitated the procedure of divorce: by mutual consent, without a time limit for conciliation. My companion Olga knows about his experience of divorce:
"I think that it is very simply. Easier than to marry. Divorce itself did not take any time. We had no problems with the children or with the property. With spouse we did not live long, there were no complaints. The arbitrator said that if no kids, she breeds is not difficult. "
Reporter: "And your background in divorce than they were?"
Olga: "Background to the fact that we were different people in different ways to understand what a family is, what responsibilities. Now, as time has shown, very good that we went early and not spoiled each other a couple of years of life. "
Head of the registrar Pershamajski Stanislaus Makarevich not agree with the views that divorce is simple:
"At the moment the registrar authorities do not breed, only the courts. I do not think that we have not at all difficult to get a divorce. I have a girlfriend, that lasted almost a year in her divorce proceedings. Not wish they were bred, their prymirali durable enough. That’s so simple — come razve — this does not happen. Babes same almost every family has. "
Article 36 of the Code on Marriage and the Family, the court protects the interests of the minor kids and making an effort to save the family» w. Because if you have kids and a tough intention to divorce, the procedure is much more complicated.
In any case, the tribunal gives the family three months for reconciliation, for merit consent of minor children and division of property. Referee closely examine divorce prerequisites outlined in a lawsuit is entitled to postpone razbiranne and assign an additional term for reconciliation. Tatiana explains referee Kraiko.
Referee: "Always be given if there are minor children, a three-month reconciliation period. Absolutely. Term given — call the tribunal. If the defendant does not agree — even giving three months. Again agree — another three months. Makarom So, three months and even outright to 6 to 9 months out may last divorce. "
If there are no claims, Divorced ancestors may conclude an agreement for the children. In such a contract is fixed: location, amount of support, the order of communication with children.
If there is no agreement between the former spouses, the court in a divorce determines parent with whom the child is, the order of the role of education in which parent will pay child support and so on.
So makarom, if at least one of the spouses has a rigid intention to divorce, you must have patience. But there are cases where the tribunal not to breed.
Under Article 35, the divorce is unacceptable during pregnancy and wife for 3 years after the birth of a baby without the written consent of the wife to divorce.
Naturally, free at the moment is not diluted. For a claim to pay three basic value (almost 100 thousand rubles) if bred for the first time. And 5 baselines when divorcing second, third and all subsequent times. A party who cover legal costs, will determine the tribunal.

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