Klimov — in the cell where he was held during the last arrest

Wife Tatyana Klimova policy states that have already received from the spouse of the bullpen two letters. "Part of the sheets are personal in nature, and to quote them I will not. Prison life About Andrew wrote almost nothing," — says the wife of a politician.
All the same, some information Tatyana Klimova shared:
"Yes, he wrote that it was positioned in the other chamber, in which it was previously, but what exactly — I do not know. During his earlier finding on Volodarka his passing back and forth many times, placed in different cameras."
Tatyana Klimova bother to for a spouse not repeated in 1998, when he got into the camera with a very strict criteria:
"There was placed people who are going to break from their investigators planned to get recognition. Didaxis in collusion with the prison authorities. "
According to Tatyana Klimova, presently in remand There are several so called commercial cameras with advanced content criteria. Stay there for relatives of prisoners take funds.
But spouse Klimova not get a bill for such a camera — so he believes that Andrew is in other criteria.
Letters to Tatiana came to the conclusion that her husband is not enough fussing about the content criteria:
"It’s not interested — no conditions, no health. He offended at the way he had been treated, and this is important."
On last week Tatyana Klimova handed spouse in jail transfer — food and odezhku. In month two prisoners are allowed to receive such transmissions — 15 kg each. Second gear Tatiana plans to transfer at the end of April.
Tatyana Klimova not yet contacted the prosecutor’s office to put a date with her husband. She explained to the prerequisites:
"My state of health does not allow me to get in contact with representatives of the institution. Just afraid that I can not stand."
Investigator of Minsk Prosecutor Anatoly Guodong, who is investigating the case of Andrei Klimov, as before refuses to comment. So it is the duty of the Minsk detention center did not report details about the content criteria Klimov.

Andrei Klimov previously served more than 4 years in prison on charges of economic sins, and after 15 months of "chemistry" for the company street protests.
In This time Andrei Klimov blamed for inciting to overthrow the government. Policy threatens to 3 years imprisonment — but he did not plead guilty and, lawyer Catherine Dudko, refuses to participate in the investigation.

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