KRET arranged revolution

KRET arranged revolution
Breakthrough products of concern «Radio-electronic technology»

One of the most popular videos of the Web in the near future become subject to weeping with happiness French pilot, just who observed the flight of Su-35s at Le Bourget. The pilot was in ecstasy, not just in Russian, but in general the world’s population have a unique machine with such indescribable abilities. «Planes do not fly, so can only fly a UFO» — pathetically said the Frenchman.

Unparalleled flying characteristics of the new «drying» provided, of course, immediately several advanced technical solutions in the design of the aircraft and its engines. Embody their ability to have allowed new avionics solutions, such as all-encompassing control system, air signals and others. But their potentials folded, perfectly harmonized and has allowed use of the Su-35S unique strapdown inertial navigation system SINS-SP2. Specifically, it is built on the basis of 3 laser gyros and 3-quartz accelerometers, as free as possible to make a plane in space. With her machine independent in determining its own location can autonomously handle navigation and piloting information, and to determine the coordinates of the driving signals without outside — in the absence of satellite navigation and communications with terrestrial services.

SINS-SP2 system was completely designed and manufactured by enterprises of Concern «Radio-electronic technology» (KRET) State Corporation Rosteh. Its design involved Metropolitan Institute of Electromechanics and Automation (MIEA), release mastered at Ramenskoye plant (RPP) in the suburbs. Brand new navigation system used on fighter fifth generation T-50, which is created within the framework of programs from «promising aviation complex tactical aviation» (PAK FA).

«The cost of one hundred percent developed and manufactured by Russian enterprises, more than 40% lower than zabugornyh analogues. With all this tactical and technical features SINS-SP2 ahead of foreign technology — says CEO Anatoly RPG Chumakov. — In addition, guaranteed up-cycle of the system more than 10 thousand hours, which is almost twice higher than that of the world’s peers. » I also add that this system is universal and can be used as air and on the sea, and ground equipment.

And note that SINS-SP2 has become that special product that fully confirmed the correctness of generated in KRETe development strategy. Although the time to reconcile her practice was not much — just something concern itself formed in 2009.

The path of consolidation

In December 2012 the Supervisory Board approved the State of Rosteh association based KRETa leading centers of development and production of avionics (OEE). Concern started to form a single provider model, in accordance with which the producers of military and civilian aviation, marine and ground vehicles will be offered not separate radio-electronic components, and all-encompassing integrated solutions in the field of avionics. In this case the plan wisely brought on a very basic purpose.

«KRET alternately implements program from companies to consolidate electronic industry DIC — says CEO Nikolai Kolesov KRETa. — Due to it will make the transition from individual systems to supply all-encompassing supply embedded electronic solutions for Russian and global markets. With this 2020 KRET plans to become a diversified international holding with a capitalization of 238 billion rubles. «

Generally such a prospect was designated, in fact, immediately to form the group. It seems that his first creation was aimed specifically at that. But back in 2009 KRET consolidated under a single management, more than 60 companies and research centers, the assets of which one hundred percent or belonged to a large extent Rosteh. They all specialize in designing and manufacturing electronic products to a greater extent military use — electronic warfare systems, including electronic intelligence, protection and oppression, as the municipal radar identification, better known as signaloobmen on the principle of «friend or foe». Besides KRET usually busy creating special measuring equipment, the creation of electronic connectors and cable assemblies.

But in the second wave of consolidation of assets in 2012 by the decision of the Supervisory Board Rosteh of the JSC «Concern» Radio-electronic technology «were transferred to another large holding company entering into a state corporation — concern» Aircraft Engineering «. As a result, the structure Rosteh appeared just a huge holding — KRET, united under its own auspices of more than 100 organizations of electronic industry, located on the ground 28 subjects of the Russian Federation. Management of such giant just had to go on an international level. And besides, with the products, superior quality analogs zabugornyh rivals. With SINS-SP2 is a very left.

Team effort opytneyshemi avionics developers in KRETe could generate for a short term and offer Rosteh latest development strategy of the holding, which takes into account current trends in the global electronics market with respect to special purpose national strategic course. To achieve these goals the strategy is oriented correctly. But to solve large-scale problems need so spectacular investment. The guidelines state corporations have no illusions about the power of the Russian market vkladyvatelnogo because systematically prepare their holdings to more promising IPO. Access to international financial resources to give the Russian defense industry an additional and very tangible impetus to development. It is understood that specifically KRET become one of the first holdings Rosteh who hold initial public offering of its own shares on the international money markets in 2015. Products Group makes an optimistic vision for the future IPO. Well before the «primary», as stated by the first deputy general director Igor KRETa Nasenkov in 2013-2014 will be audited financial statements of concern by international standards.

Painful but necessary

Keeping in mind the development of our plans concern before him now is rather difficult and time-consuming task: reformat the role and function of virtually every enterprise, and at the same to build a single pass-through system design and development of electronic systems and complexes, to make an effective cooperation in production and logistics.

Deputy Director General for Strategic Planning KRETa state defense order and told Andrew Tyulin «IEE» in this regard: «In May 2013 at the NTS Group, we have adopted the technology platform, in other words, a document that answers the question: to what ideology will rearm and develop our factories, universities and design? The analysis of the available routes main development and production of our products and identified systemic failure. It turned out that enterprise developers rapidly make new shops and establishment engaged in serial, and factories are idle without orders and generate losses. We «spread» technical maps of the main products (EW systems, radar, navigation systems, etc.) and applied them to the technological capabilities of our companies. This allowed us to create an effective model of the latest design and production cooperation in concern. It was nebezboleznenno for several companies, because we had to reallocate and seasoned serial orders for factories, the same type of process technologies concentrate in specialized production centers and design bureaus and universities «make» to focus on the research and development of the latest technology. «

Measures taken to give effect already started. Tyulin claims that after almost three months back the future appearance was formed engineering and production structure of the group, all of its domestic manufacturing investments are now being implemented thoughtfully and deliberately. And those are great tools that the government allocates and will over the next seven years to devote to update DIC companies and those more moderate means that the company may impose their own development, are to provide a range of production programs that promote a truly breakthrough technologies.

What think airplanes

So still give at the output occurring in KRETe change? What he has achieved a technological breakthrough? Standards such products can see the exposition of Concern «Radio-electronic technology» at the MAKS-2013.

Say, with a day or KRET own grounds is a favorite Russian defense industry in the development of electronic warfare systems, first ground-based radio-electronic suppression and electronic warfare systems management tool for combat aircraft. Another success was the development of the group of electronic warfare systems family «Vitebsk», which is the base jammer A-370-3C. They began arriving in 2013 by the Air Force to change outdated complexes REP to protect frontline aircraft. Or other developments — an aircraft station jammer EPS laser station optoelectronic LSOEP oppression, active towed radar trap ABRL, jammers single use. All these systems are part of the many arms of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Federation and are exported.

For civilian customers operating aircraft in unsafe areas, Concern offers a new board defense aircraft «President-C.» It contains the station warning radar and laser irradiation station warning of missile attack, aircraft ejection device used means (antiradiation cartridges, cartridges infrared jammers cartridges with a single use), production of active radio station, station optoelectronic oppression. Note that such systems are becoming quite the right type in the world market. Their serial creation within KRETa deal of «Kaluga plant electronic equipment» and OAO «Stavropol factory» Signal «.

With the accession of the former group of companies «Aircraft Engineering» KRET naikrupneyshim in Russia became a developer and manufacturer of airborne radars for combat aircraft. The main concern in the blockbuster radar — functional family of aircraft radar N010 «Beetle». Currently, there are options in the production of «Zhuk-M» and «Zhuk-ME» with a slot antenna array. «Zhuk-ME» deck armed MiG-29K, supplied by Indian treaties. In 2012, the Defense Ministry signed a contract for the purchase of 24 carrier-based fighters (20 single MiG-29K and 4 MiG-29KUB double), radar equipment which will be an improved version of «Zhuk-M».

Concern is the leading Russian developer of radar for helicopters. Series production is complex radar FH01 «Crossbow» made by «Fazotron-NIIP» not so long ago went down in KRET. They are equipped with attack helicopters Ka-52 «Alligator», enabling rotorcraft combat vehicles perfectly perform combat tasks at any time of the day in all weather criteria even in the presence of natural or organized electronic jamming. By the truth of the moment, the company produced about 40 radar of this type, and in 2011 an agreement was signed for the supply of 140 equipped with Ka-52 helicopters to the Defense Ministry. «Alligator» resettled as a laser beam guidance system managed guns (SLS) and image processing system (Sauvie) family «Hunter», used for missile guidance systems, automatic control system SAU-800, which provides piloting in manual, automatic and automatic control modes .

And, of course, at the MAKS-2013 can look Yak-130, recently recognized international professionals at the show «Le Bourget 2013» best prototype combat training techniques. New built-hundred percent digital avionics for the Yak-130 was designed and manufactured by enterprises of Concern «Radio-electronic technology.» The complex introduces the concept of so-called glass cockpit, which allows to model information management field booths combat aircraft of different types.

According to the group, all KRET presented at the MAKS-2013, can be called a breakthrough, revolutionary exposition, which is capable to amaze not only the public, and professionals.

Oleg Vladykin

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