Krichevsky district — a favorite in the theft of fuel from the pipeline

Criminal investigator Misha Myashkura Krichevsky police department refused to allow him our conversation was taped. Because in the presentation refer to the information afterdny theft — the third in that area. Preceding group of criminals hit the dock. Among them were watchmen pipeline.
Now police search does not work. And local residents intensively discussions are his version.
"Here it is necessary to such equipment, that the poor are not on pockets — you need a large fuel truck, pump, and almost everything else, also special knowledge. This theft — it hutkabagatyh people. They tend to be secured.’s And go to this" — says Secretary Kastsyushkovitskaga Biryukova Marina village council.
In the not to distant village to the pipe is not the Gunners, so rich, and even the elderly is not a lot. The street is not lit. No phone service. Here not to call the police. Workers "Friendship" stumbled on the sidebar to the case.
"Such things are done only group and only under the cover — I have no doubt this niskolechko — particularly law enforcement and professionals working on the same pipeline. Or they were consultants, more than this," — commented the experienced Belarusian oil Leonid Nevar.
Shouts — a small town. Nicholas Gerda, who in recent Time was then one of the managers local authorities, knows the social conditions of economic crime.
"By Krychau shows that most managers themselves they say:" Though what now take control — that is, the plant. Registry, heresy, fraud and country, and subordinates. Everything is possible if you do not mind the "father" and his policies. "

For economic crimes in Krychau initiated more than 10 criminal cases. Dismissed the chairman of the State Control Committee interdistrict. Last Trials participants so called Krycheu gang.

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