Kurapaty begin in the dungeons of the KGB

This is the third film of Kurapaty 20 years that have passed since the discovery of the public forest tract near Minsk, where in the thirties of the last century Stalin punishers conducted mass shootings. First took director Misha Zhdanovsky, 2nd — Czech filmmakers. On This time thirty-minute documentary film made Galina and Vladimir Samoilov.
The main difference between the new film from 2-past in that it indicates not only and not so much action that occurred in Kurapaty during Stalin’s repressions, and attitude of the authorities and society to this place of mass executions and graves 10’s of thousands killed here people, — says director Vladimir Samoilov:
"We shot ourselves not about Kurapaty (Kurapaty story more or less known), and the attitude of modern society this dilemma. Attitude is terrible, as it so government support. There are people in good faith. Who put crosses there who make them, what there Tulloch spend that garbage clean, mow the grass and do a lot more then. But the majority of people passing on the road past the tract and sees the sign "The park facilities". At this completes their familiarity with Kurapaty. Because we want to show modern attitude towards Kurapaty. "
The movie consists of 5 parts: "The road of perdition," "Road of Truth", "Road of conscience", "Road struggle" and "The road of faith." It involves the historian Igor Kuznetsov, Nikolay Kryvaltsevich archaeologists and Oleg Job writer Leonid Mariners, members of the public. Many of them were at the presentation and shared their impressions of the film.
Lady, "is shown as advocated Kurapaty, part of the population still knows about them. In Movie information is given not just for what he did here, and still being analyzed. And there is a victim, and punishers. It is very important to emphasize. Such moments I really liked this movie. "
Writer Leonid Mariners, which will explore the history of repression in Belarus, said that the story of Kurapaty to start with a basement of the KGB, in the bullpen Committee — so called "An American":
"Kurapaty begin in the dungeons of the KGB in the former cellars of the NKVD, where most people shoot and later exported already dead. Who revived, finishing off those already in the Kurapaty. Were cases. What there and shot, but the main Kurapaty begin in the dungeons of the KGB "Americans" and others. And if the movie will be filmed already such level — Kurapaty that begin with "American" … ".
While the creators of the film not only not allowed to shoot in a certain building, but even refused to tour in the KGB museum, there are arranged times.

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