Kyrgyz authorities have run across in the coming

Yesterday late in the evening, police dispersed a lifelong organizers announced a protest rally that goes in Bishkek on April 11. Opposition sought the resignation of President and premature presidential elections, because he believes that Kurmanbek Bakiev is not capable of true reform.
Ministry Interior states that 34 protesters were arrested only after, when the mass began throwing stones and bottles at police and tried to attack a government building. With all this, the police used tear gas and rubber bullets. According to the opposition, now in the afternoon, the detainees were released.
Now a debate these events. On the sidelines in an interview with reporters Attorney General Elmurza Satybaldyev justified acts of police and said that some participants in yesterday’s events threaten to 11 years in prison. He did not rule out that it may also apply to some MPs.
The same organizers of the action, who have no immunity, is called in for questioning. Authorities blame favorites opposition that they could not curb weight of their own fans. The opposition says the inadequacy of the government’s actions and that she organized provocation. News agencies quoted the 1st of the protesters, who said that "all of a sudden there was a huge amount of people in the midst of peaceful protesters and began to encourage police officers."
Opposition MP Omurbek Tekebaev told reporters that the demonstration stops, but "the government should not deny the effectiveness of similar demonstrations," as well as "the people’s right to peaceful protest." He also did not rule out unification of the opposition on the new level:
"Front was a temporary association. I think we will work within the framework of the reform movement. And, maybe, we will have created mizhfraktsyynae union tentatively entitled "Reforms."

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