L. Karpenko: I do not believe that it has been 8 years

Widow Gennady Karpenko, Ludmila Fillipovna, constantly living in the German town Eslingen. But now I found her on a cell phone in another town in Germany — Aachen. Live there and trained her son Dmitry and his wife Olga, growing four-dochurku Vera. There also from Frankfurt this funny day came and daughter Tatiana Karpenak with spouse Andrew and eight-year Nastya.
Why all gathered specifically in Aachen? — Lyudmila Tsikavlyayusya Filip. She patlumachvae: here not so long ago discovered the Orthodox Church:
"I Will said that there began working church. And now we go there: there will be a service. I really want to go there. We came here yesterday, so in today to be all together. "
Ludmila Fillipovna very worried, now for the first time at the grave of a spouse will not be flowers from her personally. Previously, once a year in this day and took flowers to the cemetery brought her relatives.
"No one from me there is not even put flowers. Earlier somehow came out. Time passes, things others do. "
But, and this is evidenced by the photo on the website our radio, Now at the monument Gennady Karpenko many colors, from relatives and friends. Flowers brought from Molodechno even where sovereign Karpenko couple of years led executive committee.
Graves Gennady Karpenko and his father, who was buried there, perfectly manicured. This case Hand Vera Mikhailovna — mother Gennady Karpenko, which has 84. But it is very mobile and jauntily:
"She — optimist. She also be envied. She said to us: "I will live as long as you get back." And I really hunt back. Especially now. Go hunting for the grave. Now not slept all night. In the morning, got up, and, of course, sorry. " Lyudmila Karpenko says that she as before does not work, looking after her granddaughter:
"Nastsenka already second class walks. And well trained. A test (it is — as we have control), even better than the Germans writes. WhiteRussian language she does not know, because no one actually it does not speak Belarusian. A Russian language it has been with me an hour a week, that could not only read and understand, and write. A four Verochka he wason March 8. And here they are now together. And I hear among themselves speak German. "
Widow Gennady Karpenko headed "Office of the Public Prosecutor for Belarus." But in the near future on the activities of the office can not hear anything. Why? Karpenko lament the Belarusian own assistants:
"Apparently, frail caught people who were promised a lot and practically did nothing. They were offended. Although I was in the beginning condition seriously — I was prepared to support. If not — I’m against that, that just as they say, roar. "
Gennady Karpenko preparing for presidential elections in 2001 and, according to the views of many, could become real candidate Alexander Lukashenko. But an unexpected death opposition, which at that time was not even 50 years, crossed the opportunity.
Friends Gennady Karpenko said his mysterious death. And put it on a par with a disastrous fate Zakharenko, Victor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky.

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