Last Hours of Freedom — 22 minutes. Guest ether — Ira Dubenetsky

The current guest live broadcast "Night of Freedom" — Dr. Ira Dubenetsky theology. She will answer questions our radio and comment on the poll "What you chief of God?"
In research papers — journalists and editors compiled a list of USA Today’s most memorable quotes. Whose quote most popular in Belarus? People they say, what they would want labels to create banners on the avenue.
Siege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau — "Renaissance" in "Night Primer" — "Guerrilla Rhapsody" Alesia Antipenko
After 23 minutes the "Prague accent" — what the financial value of the Ukrainian political crisis? Prospects for the development of the situation. And the transfer of "House of Writers."
22-hours and the air of Freedom and the Web.

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