Lawyer A.Kozulin announced its withdrawal from the profession

Igor Rinkevich said said about his decision at the last conference of the Minsk Regional Bar Association. He criticized the process of regulating the activities of lawyers in Belarus:
"We made powerless. We very many problems, and as a company we do not insist on its own interests. For example, create pressure on me, and I’m not going to be a "little boy for a beating." How to run an errand with clients including and Alexander Kozulin, I agree at its own request to leave the legal profession. Yesterday I applied, because the pressure on lawyers started my consultations,» Justus Min inspects seven people. Pressure goes. "
By I. Rynkevich, Alexander Kozulin with knowledge took this decision.
"Despite my status change, the issue of protecting the interests of A.Kozulin will be decided by me in other effective forms" — said I. Rynkevich.

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